Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nothing But a Hound Dog

Sundance soaked in controversy
Everybody's talking about "Hounddog" starring 12-year-old Dakota Fanning. This is the movie where her character is brutally raped. Even the president of the Catholic League, William Donahue, is calling for a federal investigation of the movie to determine if federal child pornography laws were violated during filming.

The director of "Hounddog," Deborah Kampmeier, told us in a statement, "What an ironic turn of events that Bill Donohue who has never once called for a federal probe against his own Catholic church's cover-up of child abuse is now doing just that for a film site [sic] unseen. ... Mr. Donohue would have more credibility and serve his cause better if he acted on the facts instead of chasing a quick headline."

It's getting ugly, people. Deborah, Bill -- to your corners!

And today we were told that none of the cast is doing any organized TV press here ... they're just talking to print outlets. Again, I ask, why? Maybe Dakota will change her mind and talk to CNN. I am hopeful!

I screen the film Tuesday morning. Check here afterwards for my thoughts, but for now I want to know what you think about a 12-year old actress playing a character who is raped on screen.

Posted by Brooke Anderson, CNN Entertainment correspondent

Ok, so i have not seen the movie but i do have an inside source. I hear that the scene is not that bad but it is defintely for mature audiences. It is good that they are getting press for the movie and i hope it does not take away from the most important part of the movie-the story. Experimental. OK. But not so different than some other movies that have come out of the Hollywood. Dakota and family are taking risks and maybe more of us ie hollywood should.

Clipse-Hell Hath and I bring the Fury

Old mixed with the new. Raw beats, Raw Rhymes and a little cocaine mania. Instead of listening to critics, give on their career due to setbacks(fucking label) and reunititng the team with some new installations(re-up gang and some philly cats to match) and you get Hell Hath No Fury, One of the best album from a Rap duo in the last two years. This year is only beginning and i am not even sure if some can match these cats. Besides the usual Neptunes magic, The Clipse let off their lyrical cannons with the heart of lions and bears combined. Streets, are you ready? Blogger get set? Hipster get down? Hip hop heads go. The jungle may sleep for awhile since no one seems to be paying attention but this album will be a classic. Hot Tracks include Dirty Money, Wamp, Wamp, Mr. Me Too, Mommy I'm So Sorry.

Hipster Women

Hottest video of the year. "Hustler" by Simian Mobile Disco. So n the last few months i have graduated to incredible nights, tremendous porn and monumental orgasms. This video allows all three to happen in the comfort of my own home. The Youtube special i call it. Their video, Hustler, takes the game whisper down the lane to new heights with hipster girls wrapping their legs around the pulse of the beat. As my boss would say, living the dream thru video. Take it forward and bring it back. The guy that hates disco will dance feverishly to this song and yes it is the music but god dammit it is the video.

Rick Ross Vs Simian Mobile Disco-Hustler

One of the best remixes i have heard in minute. I love the way he uses the huslter sample from mobile disco and screws it speed to put you in the right mode. Unfortunately, i cannot download anywhere so if anyone knows where this is, please respond. Rick Ross freeway ride of miami cocaine dreams melts the snow thru the new beat that respond with an enormous bass and incredible walking synth on the last verse. On 222's the weapon is cocked and ready to blow. I am a hustler baby.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

White Rapper Show

OK, I just saw my boy, JFK, The harlem white rapper spit an ill verse on this show and they did not choose him. Then i saw the first few episodes of the show and i am damn glad they did not choose him. The show is terrible but with a kick. First of all, let me just say big up to MC Serch, Prince Paul and Caz for doing their thang and exposing the public to the uneducated rappers in the world who do not understand the past, present and future of hip hop.

Back to the contestants. Most of them are knuckleheads who have the confidence to spit their rhymes yet i know abt 10 rappers in NY alone that would and could crush them in a millisecond. The show exposes them to the birthplace of hip hop but in the end, one of these fools will get a bs record deal and might actually sell a little due to the popularity of the show. I say bring the other rappers in NY on the show. Bring some signed white rappers on the show. Bring some international rappers on the show. Really make it a challege as well as an education. Still rocking wit JFK and i know the work he has put in. So bring some of those people that were good back on the show. Tell us the critera for your choices. Plus, the white rapper show. The name is the best thing abt the show and the special appearances by hip hop legends. Bring some black rappers on the show-new and old and let them get some time. MC Serch found Nas and put that man in motion for the most part. Lets do it again.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2 Many Good Days

My boss decided that after a briliant weekend with her crazy boyfriend, and dinner with a dear friend of hers, that she would harass someone. I am not sure why. Sometimes when you have a good weekend, you have to follow it with some gloom in your life or there would not be any balance. I mean she got tagged all weekend(her words, not mine) and then she says i will pound on the head of a department to cause him and myself frustration. Why not just explain to him the deadline and move on. Ok, i know, pressure from above. I get it. But come on, get over it and move on. Life is too short. relax, relate and release.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Here is how it all goes down in NYC.

Roberto meets a lovely vibrant women named Sally at a nyc bar. They talk, drink, makeout at the bar, tell their friends bye and end up at her house. After some cheese and wine, and another makeout session, they hit the bedroom for a good all night session. After numerous orgasms on both sides, and a good night rest, they both wake up refreshed for the new day. Roberto does not work and Sally is in school. She tells Roberto that she has to go to class but he can stay, clean up and leave. He takes her up on her offer. He showers, eats, gets dress and is ready to go. But.......he has to take a nice long number 2. So he rushes the bathroom and releases. However, the release is a little hectic and the toilet is not prepared for the essence of beauty that it has just encounters. Overflowing begins. Without hesistation, Roberto rushes to the kitchen and grabs a large metal spoon and some plastic bags. He runs back into the bathroom and quickly spoons his way to safety. He washes the spoon off and puts it back. Grabs his coat and leaves. As the door closes behind him and locks, he forgets one thing. The turd in the bag.