Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Clipse-Hell Hath and I bring the Fury

Old mixed with the new. Raw beats, Raw Rhymes and a little cocaine mania. Instead of listening to critics, give on their career due to setbacks(fucking label) and reunititng the team with some new installations(re-up gang and some philly cats to match) and you get Hell Hath No Fury, One of the best album from a Rap duo in the last two years. This year is only beginning and i am not even sure if some can match these cats. Besides the usual Neptunes magic, The Clipse let off their lyrical cannons with the heart of lions and bears combined. Streets, are you ready? Blogger get set? Hipster get down? Hip hop heads go. The jungle may sleep for awhile since no one seems to be paying attention but this album will be a classic. Hot Tracks include Dirty Money, Wamp, Wamp, Mr. Me Too, Mommy I'm So Sorry.

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