Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nothing But a Hound Dog

Sundance soaked in controversy
Everybody's talking about "Hounddog" starring 12-year-old Dakota Fanning. This is the movie where her character is brutally raped. Even the president of the Catholic League, William Donahue, is calling for a federal investigation of the movie to determine if federal child pornography laws were violated during filming.

The director of "Hounddog," Deborah Kampmeier, told us in a statement, "What an ironic turn of events that Bill Donohue who has never once called for a federal probe against his own Catholic church's cover-up of child abuse is now doing just that for a film site [sic] unseen. ... Mr. Donohue would have more credibility and serve his cause better if he acted on the facts instead of chasing a quick headline."

It's getting ugly, people. Deborah, Bill -- to your corners!

And today we were told that none of the cast is doing any organized TV press here ... they're just talking to print outlets. Again, I ask, why? Maybe Dakota will change her mind and talk to CNN. I am hopeful!

I screen the film Tuesday morning. Check here afterwards for my thoughts, but for now I want to know what you think about a 12-year old actress playing a character who is raped on screen.

Posted by Brooke Anderson, CNN Entertainment correspondent

Ok, so i have not seen the movie but i do have an inside source. I hear that the scene is not that bad but it is defintely for mature audiences. It is good that they are getting press for the movie and i hope it does not take away from the most important part of the movie-the story. Experimental. OK. But not so different than some other movies that have come out of the Hollywood. Dakota and family are taking risks and maybe more of us ie hollywood should.

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