Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Here is how it all goes down in NYC.

Roberto meets a lovely vibrant women named Sally at a nyc bar. They talk, drink, makeout at the bar, tell their friends bye and end up at her house. After some cheese and wine, and another makeout session, they hit the bedroom for a good all night session. After numerous orgasms on both sides, and a good night rest, they both wake up refreshed for the new day. Roberto does not work and Sally is in school. She tells Roberto that she has to go to class but he can stay, clean up and leave. He takes her up on her offer. He showers, eats, gets dress and is ready to go. But.......he has to take a nice long number 2. So he rushes the bathroom and releases. However, the release is a little hectic and the toilet is not prepared for the essence of beauty that it has just encounters. Overflowing begins. Without hesistation, Roberto rushes to the kitchen and grabs a large metal spoon and some plastic bags. He runs back into the bathroom and quickly spoons his way to safety. He washes the spoon off and puts it back. Grabs his coat and leaves. As the door closes behind him and locks, he forgets one thing. The turd in the bag.

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