Saturday, January 20, 2007

White Rapper Show

OK, I just saw my boy, JFK, The harlem white rapper spit an ill verse on this show and they did not choose him. Then i saw the first few episodes of the show and i am damn glad they did not choose him. The show is terrible but with a kick. First of all, let me just say big up to MC Serch, Prince Paul and Caz for doing their thang and exposing the public to the uneducated rappers in the world who do not understand the past, present and future of hip hop.

Back to the contestants. Most of them are knuckleheads who have the confidence to spit their rhymes yet i know abt 10 rappers in NY alone that would and could crush them in a millisecond. The show exposes them to the birthplace of hip hop but in the end, one of these fools will get a bs record deal and might actually sell a little due to the popularity of the show. I say bring the other rappers in NY on the show. Bring some signed white rappers on the show. Bring some international rappers on the show. Really make it a challege as well as an education. Still rocking wit JFK and i know the work he has put in. So bring some of those people that were good back on the show. Tell us the critera for your choices. Plus, the white rapper show. The name is the best thing abt the show and the special appearances by hip hop legends. Bring some black rappers on the show-new and old and let them get some time. MC Serch found Nas and put that man in motion for the most part. Lets do it again.

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