Monday, February 12, 2007

Someone Give Jae Millz a deal!!!! Please!!!

Lily Allen (Gutter Remix)

So after Lily Allen is high on the intro of this remix (trust me). But the gutter Bmore Remix by Aaron LaCarte is butta with biscuits and a toothbrush. It has a little dog to the wag. With the yard calls "What" push the chorus to a new dimension and make it a classic bmore special. The bass drum smacks you in the face as usual and reminds us that he is one of the best on the remix scenes today. To add to the remix, a video is attached. I am sure this is not the first Allen remix but this is the only i feel like listening to more than once.

Camron Response to Currrrtis

ok, as i am a fan of both camps somewhat i have to say Cam wins on this one. Maybe the anger management lessons were a little too good for Currrttiiisss.. On the usual, Cam is elementary but we get the point. The adlib Curtisssss which continues throughout the battle song ala Darylllllllll of the NY Mets, and a phrase Cam repeats through his so called rant/conversation on Hot 97. Of course, Cam points out where 50 Lives, the sales of his artists vs 50 cent Artists, recognizes that 50 made a mistake by calling Jim Jones the President when he is only the CEO (true) and how 5o seems to snitch more than anyone in the game. Lets ask Dave Chappelle about keeping it real. 50 Cent did make some good points about Camron but it all related to Cam's career. Hey, 50 Cent, fire your therapist and get back to doing you.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

With Brazilian baile funk-bringers Bonde do Role having just made the jump from Diplo's Mad Decent label to Domino Records, the REMIXX is here. It has a more minimal backdrop, and plays up emphasis on the marching band horn blasts, twisting them into menacing air-raid sirens. Chants of "Afrika Bambaataa" anchor the track, spliced up and reassembled until they become a central element of the beat. It's Nice. Where the new meet the old.

Behold bona fide French rock 'n' roll.

Behold bona fide French rock 'n' roll. Plastiscines dribble out pop bubble gum punk music with some flair. Reminds me of the Go-Gos. Ok, so i will admit the photo caught my eye and so i dove in a little closer. Played the video to hear the song and i said "not bad." It is a start. But where can you go from there. As a New Yorker, i have seen it, blended and remade it in some shape, form or fashion. But they are bringing something new to the french people and hopefully, they can smash a few feet, slice a few heads, bring that damn good bread and only play in smoke filled clubs in America. I am there. Why? Cause it is the French Revolution and i am hungry.

Don't Sleep On NAS

Is it me or is Nas still taking risks. His new video, "Can't Forget About you" allows you to reminisce about the times past. He describes the feeling you get when you listen to music-from your first kiss, to the first time hip hop was the music for you, the time a musician was the life you wanted etc. Simplistic in flow and essence. He continues to remain on top through the ringing jazz bells and the lounge piano driven beat that no one in hip hop would use because the club does not get it. The Nat King Cole vocal sample at the outro of the song gives it a nice touch especially since his brilliant and beautiful daughter lights the torch sitting at the piano with Nas overlooking. It reminds of vintage Nas. But it also reminds that sometimes when your going right, you have to look left.

50 Cent Vs Cam'Ron

WTF: 50 Cent and Cam'Ron: Hot 97 Interview

Used to be that when New York rap's big dogs stepped on each other's paws, they'd just obliquely dis each other in song. They're still doing that, but these days, they're also calling in on each other's radio interviews and yelling at each other, and the magic of the internet is taking those interviews way outside the five boroughs. So now, when 50 Cent bashes New York mega-indie Koch Records while he's talking with Hot 97's Angie Martinez, he might end up getting into it with Koch General Manager Alan Grunblatt (50: "You wanna be on the air? Like a artist?") They're talking about money, about contract ephemera, about back-room deals, and they're putting it all out there for public consideration. Cam phones in as well, and he laughs and screams a lot, taunting 50 about his own label's sales: "Curtis! How much did the Mobb sell, Curtis?" 50, meanwhile, sounds calm and reasonable even as he acts like a dick, so I guess he wins. After Angie cuts Cam off, 50 muses to himself as much as to us: "I think that he thinks he is actually able to compete with me." And so the world becomes witness to two rich men arguing with each other about who's richer, a repellent yet somehow fascinating spectacle. I really hope it doesn't turn into anything more.
Posted by Tom Breihan on Tue: 02-06-07: 10:39 AM CST

How the streets would handle it? Bang, Bang-9 bullets. BALLLLINNNNNN
How hipster would handle it? Who Cares. you are still rich
How I would handle it? Dogg, what are you talking about, I'm rich. Your rich. I do not care. Get your own show and stop bothering me.

Strange Fruit Project

Ok I slept. The Strange Fruit Project has a dope single called "Pinball" which features a basic drum track with a pinball like effect sample bouncing all the sides of your ear in perpendicular fashion. It sounds like an Atari game(big up to my friend Mike for buying the Atari 2600, the fun is back, under 50 bucks, 50 bucks, now isn't that nice) such as PAC Man going in and out of the song. It is simple. The lyrics and rhyming seem a little basic but the flows worked well with one another and they did not try to overdue it with the video. What you see is what you get. Now that is nice. KISS

Monday, February 5, 2007

MISTAH FAB-"Ghost Ride it"

Look, I am a fan of the bay. This track, "Ghost Ride it," by MISTAH F.A.B. only pushes me towards that beautiful sunset on the bay even more. I have sung the ghostbusters song a million times and i have seen the movie 2 million times. I spoke to my friend Max about the whereabouts of Ray Parker Jr and how he sampled a Huey Lewis and the News song. Of course he was sued by Huey Lewis and lost, but who cares, great song, great movie. I even dance to the bobby brown version in the sequel. But when i heard they added the sample to a hyphy song, i just sat back and said let MISTAB FAB enjoy his ride or not. This is a fun track to make your booty move and let your car have fun on its own.

Check out Youtube for the video. Can u feel meeeeee!!!

MIA New Video-Bird Flu

So we have waited a long time for a new MIA video and i have to say that i was not really impressed by the video. First lets focus on the music. The bed squeeking hits, the high pitched little kiddie voices(probably her voice) and the super bass hits make the track come alive. The addition of the some ragga effects and off beat drum rolls make the track sound off. MIA comes off as aggressive as usual including giving us the scope on her U.S. immigration experience and the lack of respect that major labels give her even though she is a worldwide sensation. This track sounds like an off the wall hyphy track without the numerous references to Bay area.

Back to the video. Now it is seems a little careless. Low budget cuts to different villagers in a run down village. I guess i do not see her representing the slums as much as she used to it but that might be her idea. It seems like she is trying to hard to motivate the people in the video to rise up and cause some damage. Basically, the people in the video look unsure of why the camera is looking at them. The kids are having fun but i am not sure of the track conveys the same feeling. I am waiting for the beat to get a little more edgy and rigid as if she is about to blow steam in the next verse but nothing changes. The video needs to be redone. Check Youtube or her myspace page for the video.

Now i heard another track on her myspace page that is much better than "Bird Flu." "XR2" is the name. Hit me with a video for that song. I will come out and rep her hard.