Monday, February 12, 2007

Camron Response to Currrrtis

ok, as i am a fan of both camps somewhat i have to say Cam wins on this one. Maybe the anger management lessons were a little too good for Currrttiiisss.. On the usual, Cam is elementary but we get the point. The adlib Curtisssss which continues throughout the battle song ala Darylllllllll of the NY Mets, and a phrase Cam repeats through his so called rant/conversation on Hot 97. Of course, Cam points out where 50 Lives, the sales of his artists vs 50 cent Artists, recognizes that 50 made a mistake by calling Jim Jones the President when he is only the CEO (true) and how 5o seems to snitch more than anyone in the game. Lets ask Dave Chappelle about keeping it real. 50 Cent did make some good points about Camron but it all related to Cam's career. Hey, 50 Cent, fire your therapist and get back to doing you.

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