Monday, February 5, 2007

MIA New Video-Bird Flu

So we have waited a long time for a new MIA video and i have to say that i was not really impressed by the video. First lets focus on the music. The bed squeeking hits, the high pitched little kiddie voices(probably her voice) and the super bass hits make the track come alive. The addition of the some ragga effects and off beat drum rolls make the track sound off. MIA comes off as aggressive as usual including giving us the scope on her U.S. immigration experience and the lack of respect that major labels give her even though she is a worldwide sensation. This track sounds like an off the wall hyphy track without the numerous references to Bay area.

Back to the video. Now it is seems a little careless. Low budget cuts to different villagers in a run down village. I guess i do not see her representing the slums as much as she used to it but that might be her idea. It seems like she is trying to hard to motivate the people in the video to rise up and cause some damage. Basically, the people in the video look unsure of why the camera is looking at them. The kids are having fun but i am not sure of the track conveys the same feeling. I am waiting for the beat to get a little more edgy and rigid as if she is about to blow steam in the next verse but nothing changes. The video needs to be redone. Check Youtube or her myspace page for the video.

Now i heard another track on her myspace page that is much better than "Bird Flu." "XR2" is the name. Hit me with a video for that song. I will come out and rep her hard.

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