Monday, February 5, 2007

MISTAH FAB-"Ghost Ride it"

Look, I am a fan of the bay. This track, "Ghost Ride it," by MISTAH F.A.B. only pushes me towards that beautiful sunset on the bay even more. I have sung the ghostbusters song a million times and i have seen the movie 2 million times. I spoke to my friend Max about the whereabouts of Ray Parker Jr and how he sampled a Huey Lewis and the News song. Of course he was sued by Huey Lewis and lost, but who cares, great song, great movie. I even dance to the bobby brown version in the sequel. But when i heard they added the sample to a hyphy song, i just sat back and said let MISTAB FAB enjoy his ride or not. This is a fun track to make your booty move and let your car have fun on its own.

Check out Youtube for the video. Can u feel meeeeee!!!

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Barbara said...

I don't know why you or anyone thinks that Ray Parker Jr lost the case for "Ghostbusters" that was brought by Huey Lewis.
If you look at any newly published copy of the song, or at the newly re-released Arista soundtrack or on any online service, Ray Parker Jr. is listed as the songwriter and the only songwriter. Get your facts straight.