Thursday, May 31, 2007

Internet Radio-Please read

By Eliot Van Buskirk EmailMay 09, 2007 | 11:28:02 AMCategories: Save Net Radio

Snipshot_e4wk6w842w4 It's no secret that internet radio offers a lot more variety than you can find on AM, FM, or even satellite radio, so it should come as no surprise that members of the jazz community eager to see the webcasters who play their stuff thrive have sent a letter asking Congress to support H.R. 2060, the Internet Radio Equality Act, which would vacate the Copyright Royalty Board's new royalty rates that could bankrupt many webcasters on July 15.

"Clarinet wizard Dr. Michael White, legendary trumpeter Kermit Ruffins, jazz phenom 'Trombone Shorty,' Kidd Jordan" and over a dozen other jazz luminaries sent this letter to John Conyers (D-Michigan) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) -- chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees who are therefore in the best positions to intervene:

"Dear Chairman Conyers and Chairman Leahy:

"We are writing to request your leadership and urge your support to help save diversity and music on the Internet. As serious jazz, blues, and gospel musicians, we are extremely concerned that the recent decision by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) will take us one step closer to silencing the next generation of artists. If Internet radio dies, the next Coltrane, Monk, or James may never be broadcast and their music never heard. Internet radio is a beacon for “non-mainstream” music; in fact, 37% of music broadcast on the Internet is from independent artists and labels, as opposed to 5% on traditional broadcast radio. We need Internet radio.

"And yet, the CRB just increased sound recording royalty rates for Internet radio by 300 to 1200 percent, and this causes us great distress. For most of these webcasters, the new royalty rates will exceed their revenues and they will have no choice but to let the music die. Literally. Chairman Conyers and Chairman Leahy, please do not let that happen.

"As you know, broadcast radio pays no royalties to recording artists; only Internet radio and satellite radio pay recording artists. Perhaps more importantly, broadcast radio plays so little jazz, blues and gospel music that Internet radio is, in many places the ONLY way we can introduce our music to new audiences.

"As artists we value our own music and others' music, and royalties are important. But if those royalties are so high that it bankrupts the very services that play the most jazz, blues and Gospel then those radio services will disappear and we all suffer. As a culture, our nation stands to be deprived of our brightest outlet for the next generation of new music – of all kinds.

"Please think how our uniquely American music would be different today if those rural and poor radio stations that lost money playing Armstrong and Ledbelly were taxed so exorbitantly that they were forced NOT to play their music. That is exactly what we are facing today. We respectfully request that Congress take action to prevent the demise of Internet radio. The new royalties go into effect July 15 so there is very little time; we hope you will help.

Sincerely yours,

Kermit Ruffins Dr. Michael White
Trumpeter Hot 8 Brass Band

monchi monchi Pharoahe Let my people go

Pharoahe Monch's latest single "Body Baby" was enough of a left-field look on its own, but the official remixes are even more unconventional for a major-label rap single. Sinden & the Count of Monte Cristal take it to the rave cave, while Vicious Circle go for a drum n bass approach, but this echoed-out take by Glasgow's Optimo DJs might be our favorite. It triples up the bassline and steals underutilized chunks of the original - feedback fuzz, yelps, handclaps, organ riffs - to stretch out for damn near eight minutes. Plus there's a dub instrumental! No offense, Monchhichi. Courtesy of theFader Blog.

Pharoahe has put in the work, the time and the sacrifice to give us what could be the most diverse album of the year. Even though it has been years since his hit "Simon Says" splashed the ears of the public, he has decided to change a little with the times while keeping his focus on a variety of subject matters on his new album. Get your hands up if you are looking for something different in Hip Hop.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WILEY- Grime Participator/Orginator

New video from Wiley is a bit trashy. I understand the song but the video does nothing for me. He brags throughout the video that he has a new deal and has made a 50/50 deal with the record company so he is getting paid more. So? Why not make a better video. Some thought beside sitting in space and bragging. The content is not my worry. My worry comes in part to the lack of ideas that a man who is considered a genius b/c he created a scene rather than copying has lost his hunger. Dizzee has done well for himself by following what wiley preached but Wiley stopped listening to himself. I know you are the eskimo but the video is ice cold.

Training Camp

Recognize and realize that Training Camp is the real deal. Mental Supreme has organized a fantastic showcase that allows both newcomers and up and coming acts to test their skills in front of NY audiences. Mental Supreme explains the rules of the open mic, and gives out his mantra.. Basically he is the A&R for the city. He allows others to test new songs and if you do not like the skills of the emcee, you clap after the first verse/chorus combo in some nice try pschyo analysis that allows the participant to feel good abt him/herself even though they just got booed off the stage. The TRAINING CAMP breeds the new type of emcee which allows subject matter, organization of thought, dicispline to rise above money. Lets bring the artist back to the game. Lets bring original thought back to the game. Lets build ourselves up so that when the money comes in, it is only a payoff to the work and not just getting out of the hood back to the game. Training Camp may be the way. Ask new interscope signee LONS. Multimillion dollar deal in 5 years of traing camp. Not bad.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ghettotech is already here

Check out the Cashmere myspace page for some new ghettotech stylings that rip pieces of Ed Banger, Busy P and Curtis Vodka essence. His electro booty keeps the membranes leaking, the head nodding and the booty shaken. It brings Uncle Luke and Pitbull to mind but the songs have their own spin makes it outside the realm of hip hop. is the website. Bounce to the beat. One Time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Twista New Single "Give It Up"

We all on it. But now the twista twisted it nicely. Check out his new Pharrel produced and fetured single "Give It Up." As it is called and always repeated repeated, the baltimore house, miami booty bass is slamming and simple. Twista brings the adrenaline and pharrel smooths it out.
The previously discussed Neptunes Miamimore house joint on Twista's new album Adrenaline Rush 2007 is exactly what Pharrell said it would be, borrowing a little from both cities but ending up neither. Studied Baltimoreans can make the call, but you gotta give it up (is this thing on?) to P for the vocka-yocka-docka shit. Truly inspired. Check the Fader Magazine.

Ireland continued

If you go to Galway, try the Mcdonough Chips. Very good and very bad for you. Made from Fresh Potatoes. So good. Sprinkle with some salt and vinegar. Soooo good. But do not drink the water. Contamanated City. With my gorgeous tour guide, gabrielle, by my side we walked around and entered the main street for shopping. I forgot the name but the fries are there. A great city for a diverse population and people playing music in the streets. I noticed a few things other than the beautiful landscape that were different for NYC. First, the homeless do not beg. They sit quitely in a kneely position. There is no show. Just a cup and their grief. Second, the irish eat and drink well. They are very intune with the freshness of their food. Finally, NYC has Mcdonalds, the irish have Supermacs. It is exactly the same thing and the same taste. I will admit i do not eat fast food but when i travel i like to have a taste. The name is different, the food is the same. But it is interesting to see the change in a country that is experiencing a boom. No more luck of the irish talk. No more murphy's law murmurs. To see a country change so drastically is amazing. Lets just hope the money will not blind their hearts.

Brik Mason back in the building

So i am finally and officially back in the lab. An extended vacation in Ireland, London and Spain-Bacelona,Girona, Figureres, Cadaques and the french border. My eyes are wide open even more than before. I took it all in with an excellent tour guide in tow.

In Ireland, the weather was spectacular. A few rain showers but the sun was shining most of the time. I drank the Irish Guiness. Much better than the UK. It hit me hard though. I was knocked out for an hour after a good pint of the black gold. That is my new product by the way. I have to try the foreign version of guiness which is sent to carribean islands and African markets. The taste was so smooth. I can see why people get addicted. I was with a bunch of foodies so my meals ranged from several potato dishes, chicken, and fish dishes. Sorry no red meat but the little lambs and calfs looked good.

Dublin is a great city full of life and vigor. Since the economy has exploded in a good way, the city is booming. Great restuarants and stores are everywhere. I took a tour of temple bar, trinity college, and the Guiness Brewery. I shopped at Penny's, TopShop, and a few small places here and there. I stopped at the Shelbourne Hotel which is a gorgeous hotel and it was just remodeled. I had tea and coffee there for about an hour. Driving around Dublin is a little crazy but it worked out. I saw the main streets and the river Liffey which is nice. No real time for any musuem tours but i was able to get pictures of churches in the city. The only problem with Dublin is the transportation system. Only buses and trolleys. Two trolleys that have one route through the city. They def need a subway system. I did not have enough time to enjoy any traditional irish music in the pubs but i know i will back. Peace.


I will def say it is on his way. Most people know the name but he is creating a nice place for himself with his refixes, remixes and mixtapes. It is nice to see creativity coming back into mixtapes which are starting to come into play for the development of the dj and artists in general. Check out his website and blog. Brik Mason mixtape coming soon.