Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brik Mason back in the building

So i am finally and officially back in the lab. An extended vacation in Ireland, London and Spain-Bacelona,Girona, Figureres, Cadaques and the french border. My eyes are wide open even more than before. I took it all in with an excellent tour guide in tow.

In Ireland, the weather was spectacular. A few rain showers but the sun was shining most of the time. I drank the Irish Guiness. Much better than the UK. It hit me hard though. I was knocked out for an hour after a good pint of the black gold. That is my new product by the way. I have to try the foreign version of guiness which is sent to carribean islands and African markets. The taste was so smooth. I can see why people get addicted. I was with a bunch of foodies so my meals ranged from several potato dishes, chicken, and fish dishes. Sorry no red meat but the little lambs and calfs looked good.

Dublin is a great city full of life and vigor. Since the economy has exploded in a good way, the city is booming. Great restuarants and stores are everywhere. I took a tour of temple bar, trinity college, and the Guiness Brewery. I shopped at Penny's, TopShop, and a few small places here and there. I stopped at the Shelbourne Hotel which is a gorgeous hotel and it was just remodeled. I had tea and coffee there for about an hour. Driving around Dublin is a little crazy but it worked out. I saw the main streets and the river Liffey which is nice. No real time for any musuem tours but i was able to get pictures of churches in the city. The only problem with Dublin is the transportation system. Only buses and trolleys. Two trolleys that have one route through the city. They def need a subway system. I did not have enough time to enjoy any traditional irish music in the pubs but i know i will back. Peace.

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