Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ireland continued

If you go to Galway, try the Mcdonough Chips. Very good and very bad for you. Made from Fresh Potatoes. So good. Sprinkle with some salt and vinegar. Soooo good. But do not drink the water. Contamanated City. With my gorgeous tour guide, gabrielle, by my side we walked around and entered the main street for shopping. I forgot the name but the fries are there. A great city for a diverse population and people playing music in the streets. I noticed a few things other than the beautiful landscape that were different for NYC. First, the homeless do not beg. They sit quitely in a kneely position. There is no show. Just a cup and their grief. Second, the irish eat and drink well. They are very intune with the freshness of their food. Finally, NYC has Mcdonalds, the irish have Supermacs. It is exactly the same thing and the same taste. I will admit i do not eat fast food but when i travel i like to have a taste. The name is different, the food is the same. But it is interesting to see the change in a country that is experiencing a boom. No more luck of the irish talk. No more murphy's law murmurs. To see a country change so drastically is amazing. Lets just hope the money will not blind their hearts.

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