Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Training Camp

Recognize and realize that Training Camp is the real deal. Mental Supreme has organized a fantastic showcase that allows both newcomers and up and coming acts to test their skills in front of NY audiences. Mental Supreme explains the rules of the open mic, and gives out his mantra.. Basically he is the A&R for the city. He allows others to test new songs and if you do not like the skills of the emcee, you clap after the first verse/chorus combo in some nice try pschyo analysis that allows the participant to feel good abt him/herself even though they just got booed off the stage. The TRAINING CAMP breeds the new type of emcee which allows subject matter, organization of thought, dicispline to rise above money. Lets bring the artist back to the game. Lets bring original thought back to the game. Lets build ourselves up so that when the money comes in, it is only a payoff to the work and not just getting out of the hood back to the game. Training Camp may be the way. Ask new interscope signee LONS. Multimillion dollar deal in 5 years of traing camp. Not bad.

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