Monday, June 4, 2007

Back from the Hamptons

i just got back from the Hamptons. My arms and legs are tired but my mind is intact. It is nice to get away from the city. I was able to write some more, play some football with friends, chill at the beach and eat some good chicken and salmon. Fo real. Mutual friends have a house out there and they go every weekend with their kids. The kids are great. We played all day and night. Rode bikes, hung out on the hammock and did i forget to say we ate. A few shopping outings but nothing spectacular on the men's side. The beach day was cut a little short due to the cold wind that blew in from the sea. It was still a nice breeze and we made some sand castles-my new sport-with a moat around it. A few surfers tried their best to hang 10 but the waves were not cooperating. I was told that my friends had a projection screen so we could watch movies outside however the weather was not friendly at the time. Maybe next time. However, the couple did gained a machine that communicated with their itunes via the wireless network. They were given about 50,000 songs via a harddrive so they were excited about the prospect of listening to three years of music and the variety of music. It was a glamourous time.

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