Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Game is Not Common

Video: Common: "The Game" [ft. DJ Premier]

R. Kelly isn't the only performer comparing himself to a modern-day Muhammad Ali. Common intends to compete for the honor through the final round, as the video for "The Game", from his forthcoming Finding Forever, reminds us. "I never kissed the ass of the masses," the Chicago rapper asserts with an intense but steady flow. "They tried to box me in like Cassius/ Clay, hey, I'm like Muhammad when he fasted/ Opposing the fascists." I love that line so much i want to repeat for myself when i am in the booth. Again, DJ Premier wrecks havoc on the track with his signature sound and scratches from OC and some of Common's last LP-i said it LP. Common(vetern to several Premier tracks-6th Sense) calmly illuminates the gymnasium full of hip hop fans of all colors with his presences, gifted lyricism and good looks. The vegetarian GQ man of the year as the game sewed and stitched to perfection. This video was made for purists so you may never see it on BET but with the Robort Rock inspired K.West behind him, Common is sure to cash in or cash out? Go over to PitchforkMedia to check the video.

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