Thursday, June 7, 2007

If Plan A Fails, There is always Plan B

Ok. So i know the title is a little cheesy but it was done for reason. Most people have a plan A and they go all out, it may work but not exactly the way you want and then you must choose to keep going or go to PLan B. What i am really talking about is a rapper named Plan B out of the UK who rhymes with same lyrics, cadence and wizardry as Eminem. Oh yeah, he looks like him too. Here is the trick: he play acoustic guitar. Now being a NY resident, (toot my own horn) I am doing the same things and i have seen this before. However, his accent allows you to get focused on what he talks about as well as his music. His standout sing is "No Good" which is rotating on MTV2 as well as Fuse. However the track i am enjoying the most is his letter to his Mama about her current boyfriend/stepdad who happens to be a crackhead. Plan B has a distinct voice which he blends well with his punk guitar licks and indie rock guidebook. Check out his numerous videos on Youtube.

Tell me your thoughts after you watch the videos!!!

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