Monday, June 4, 2007

Lil wayne is doing it!!!!

Who would have thought that Lil Wayne-the Cash Money Millionaire-drops gem after gem. So he is working harder than Tupac. At the moment, he is possessed. He begins murdering the airwaves with his albums the Carter 1 and 2, then mixtape after mixtape, R&B appearances from Chris Brown to Lloyd to remixed and more.
I want to say "ok he has to slip up" but he does not. His simplicity is addictive. His rhymes clever. Even when he boasts about the mula that he actually has aquired, you think he is talking the same mess but it still works. I think he has stolen the rap mojo, put in the work and wants that crown from every region, county, town and village in the world. Weeezy. Make it rain.

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