Monday, June 11, 2007

M.I.A. plays with the BOYZ

The revolutionary M.I.A. of 2005's Arular must have liked being the life of the party. Sure, beat-heavy "Bird Flu", the first track to leak from forthcoming follow-up Kala, suggests political content with its title, but also shares its name with an Ivory Coast dance craze. New non-album song "Hit That" is about, well, hitting that. On "Boyz", M.I.A. again just wants to have fun. Bringing in the African Drums fused with some Brazilian favela booty bass action mixed the her own colorful clothes bring this video to the forefront. She chants more than sings any praises to have fun which is a little lackluster for my taste. I think her first single, "Bird Flu," was a little more interesting production wise however i feel she is exposing a world of music which is unknown to her audience and even the mainstream which may be what she wants from this album.

Check the video at Tell me what you think?

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