Tuesday, June 12, 2007

RIP Dj Przm

Hip-Hop lost two up and coming artists this week, first the widely reported Stack Bundles (see article below), but also Ohio based underground producer, DJ Przm. Przm passed away on June 10th due to a heart condition that he had since birth. Przm moved to Sacramento, CA to prepare to recieve a heart transplant, however his heart gave up too soon.

PRZM was a well known artist in the Columbus, OH hip-hop scene, and he produced on several records for a handful of artist ssuch as Spitball, Copywrite, Illogic, S.A. Smash, Vast Aire, Greenhouse Effect, Jakki, Thirstin Howl III and with prominient indie labels like Definitive Jux, Rhymesayers, and Wieghtless Recordings. He was also a part of the Meta4ce Omega project, True Hollyhood Stories. R.I.P. DJ PRZM. - Pizzo

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