Thursday, June 7, 2007

Small School Bus

Video: Busdriver: "Sun Shower"

Class war or bad dream? Busdriver's "Sun Shower" is more obvious than usual for the virtuoso-flowed Los Angeles MC-- though still way less radical than M.I.A.'s "Sunshowers". The video for this second single from Busdriver's Epitaph debut RoadKillOvercoat "Sun Shower" throws on some new light. Warm rays dance on the camera lens, mimicking the way the sun looks through half-closed eyelids.

In a pinched, distinctive voice, the rapper born Regan Farquhar takes aim at "well-pruned yuppie scum" and other members of the "bourgeoisie." (As Lil Wayne might say, "Can ya tell me how good my French is?") Wait a tick, now it looks like Busdriver is asleep. Another minute, he's on TV hectoring rappers and DJs who wear matching pants. When he wakes up, it's out for a bike ride on a snowy winter sidewalk. So this probably isn't Los Angeles, or, um, Sri Lanka. Check out this video. !!!!!!
Posted by Marc Hogan on Tue: 06-05-07: 10:23 AM CDT

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