Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm back -transform owwwwwwwwwww

The dj is back in NYC. Out on a smalll stint in Phila doing some dj work and some film work. Phila(city of brotherly love and more) is better than before. I was happy to hang out and get back into the music scene a little as well as see the acts coming out of philly doing their thing. Phila is known for so much but the food and music always bring me back to good times. Big up to Chromeo and Mickey Avalon for ripping the stage the Filmore aka the TLA . The atmosphere was good at the beginning. Crowd was ok but the summer sun took most people to Atlantic City and Delaware beaches. The energy that Mickey was better than expected since the Filmore does not always have good air conditioning. Chromeo blasted me back to the 80's with a pop feel unlike any other. Again, thank you and big up.

Food Places to check out in Phila:

4th Street Cookies-best cookies on earth
Lorenzo's aka crack pizza
South Street Diner

Sections of Phila to check out include Queens Village, Old City, Penn's Landing, and Northern Liberties. Peace out.

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