Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A rapper that can Read-They all can

Talib Kweli: I haven’t re-read much. I just bought a house in Studio City, [California]. I just bought two bookcases. I went to Borders and spent like $700 on books. A lot of the books I had read before but just wanted in my library. I’m very proud of having a library. I was sitting in there looking like, “Wow, I’m starting my library.” Some teenagers in my life came over and was like, “Yo, why the f**k you bought a bookcase? What are you doing? Why would you buy all these books?” I told them, “I’m trying to have a library.” They stood there and could not understand why I was so proud of my library. It’s adding value to the house, as far as I’m concerned. They didn’t get it.

Rappers can read and maybe some of them need to be profiled. Hmmmmm.

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