Monday, July 16, 2007

Who Knew? Remy Ma may be the real Terror

Remy Ma Arrested For Attempted Murder
Over the weekend a bit of startling news popped up. Former Terror Squad member, Remy Ma, turned herself in to police on attempted murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon charges. What happened you ask? On Saturday morning a shooting occurred in New York where a female was found with a gunshot wound in the lower torso. Word originally pinned Remy Ma and the victim (later identified as Makeda Barnes-Joseph) having a dispute over money at a spot called The Pizza Bar. After an argument took place shortly after, Remy Ma was said to have left the scene in her dark blue Escalade, which she crashed a few blocks later, and escaped on foot. More details surfaced as witnesses stated that Remy and Barnes-Joseph continued their argument outside of The Pizza Bar and Remy subsequently opened the door to Barnes-Joseph's Nissan Maxima and shot her in the torso. Remy has since turned herself in and submitted a "not guilty" plea which will have her held at Riker's Island with $250k bail. She should released by the time your eyes get a chance to read this. We'll have more details as they come along. - Andreas Hale

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