Friday, August 24, 2007

Apparently Morrissey knows Dave Chappelle

Morrissey Turns Down $75 Million for Smiths Reunion
Celibacy, vow of poverty...yep, he's becoming a priest

Photo by Paparazzi by Appointment

Morrissey money shocker! According to a new press release about Morrissey's previously reported fall U.S. tour, "In an effort to stop the speculation and kill off the rumor mongers who seem to use these things to take advantage of committed fans, we can tell you that one thing the future will not bring is a Smiths' reunion tour."

Turns out Moz was approached with an offer of $75 million smackers, payable upon completion of at least 50 worldwide shows provided Johnny Marr was in the band (no love for Andy and Mike?). Morrissey-- who'd like it to be known once and for all that it's not about the music but, rather, about the hurting-- turned them down. Morrissey previously bragged about how Coachella offered the Smiths $5 million to reunite, but that, it appears, was small potatoes.

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