Friday, August 31, 2007

B-sides-Go Team

Go! Team Bundle B-Sides for Proof Bonus EP

Photo by Jaime Beeden

It's official: bonus EPs are the new cowbell. And why not? With early album leaks anathema to labels indie and major alike, the promise of a few extra songs seems as good an incentive as any to actually buy a record.

So on to today's subject, the Go! Team. Like their peers Spoon and Pinback, the Go! Team will bolster the U.S. edition of their forthcoming release-- Proof of Youth, due September 11 via Sub Pop-- with a nice little bonus EP. This one collects four tunes, all of which also appeared as B-sides in the UK (so your friends a pond away needn't sulk, since they've already got these tunes; also, they're getting the album a day earlier via Memphis Industries. So there.).

Act soon though-- only the first Sub Pop pressing of Proof of Youth will come with this choice collectable, and pre-order season has already begun.

As a bonus to yr bonus EP, catch the Go! Team live all autumn long.

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