Thursday, August 16, 2007

Between a Rock and a hard place

Between (a Rock and a Hard Place)
kick off the evening or stay all night!
August 17th, 2007
Hey there!
Wow... 5 years of the best indie bands, cheap drinks, and freebies. 5 years of free admission for our pals and drinking your face off. Makes you -sniff- sentimental....
So we're not changing a thing... for our anniversary we're giving all of you a present. Our typical combination of old and new - we've got some of the best bands to grace our stages combined with some new music to keep you on your toes. Come have a cocktail or two (or three or four...) and enjoy the evening....
As always... Come early and stay late... we're going all night....
Our rock and roll lineup for this week:
9:00 pm - Stab the Matador
9:45 pm - the Picture
10:30 pm - the GoStation
11:15 pm - Sugar Report
Special guest DJ Sean "MthrFkn" Roberts spins before, between and after... with some surprises for you!
The basic details are:
Free admission before 11 on the Underbelly list (RSVP at ) - $5 after; otherwise, after 11, it's $10 bucks. Come early for the open bar (9-10 pm) and stay late for the buckets of beer!
Crash Mansion is located at 199 Bowery - that's Bowery and Spring... click on the left for more deets.
Remember, RSVP to RSVP@newyorkunder and we'll put you on the list....

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