Monday, August 13, 2007

Bonde De Role-My heroes

With Lasers (Domino) This Brazilian baile-funk party was discovered by Diplo, the Philly mastermind behind M.I.A.'s worldbeat punk and Hollertronix's legendary musical meltdowns. Bonde Do Role was the first act he signed to Mad Decent, his fledgling record label, and with their debut, Diplo's proved his pedigree. Trust that man. He knows his way around a celebration. Whether or not you can understand Bonde Do Role's mash of Portuguese and English, that's exactly what this is: a wild time, the kind frequently alluded to in music videos that feature South Americans shaking their sun-smacked rumps to safely titillate middle-class Americans who like Sean Paul. No such safety here. This is ghetto pop, all hard edges and absurdly oversexed, blush-inducing lyrics. MCs D'eyrot and Marina Ribatski and DJ Rodrigo Gorky hyperkinetic beats in blistering songs like "James Bonde," "Marina De Bairro" and "Gasolina" are the stuff of raging block parties. But the trio's grinding guitars and deep bass punch are the real message here. These are tough songs that sound like the dirty end of an evening even when you're listening to them in the middle of the afternoon. Grime, as Bonde do Role understand, is good.
Jonathan Durbin

This story was published on August 1, 2007.

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