Monday, August 20, 2007

dj krush

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DJ Krush Preps First-Ever DVD Set
An undisputed pioneer of the '90s downtempo and instrumental hip-hop movements, as well as a noted producer who's been dropping albums since 1994, Japanese god of the turntables DJ Krush is set to release a package in September that contains three DVDs and a comprehensive history of his ever-progressing career.

History of DJ Krush follows the DJ/producer from 1995's Meiso to the present. Disc 1, A-Un, is a documentary of Krush during the release party for his first album, his summer 1996 tour through Europe, and the recording of his fourth album. Disc 2, Ko-no-Michi, is another documentary, and also features an interview from November 2006 and a DJ set. The third disc contains every music video the man has ever made.

Krush will be heading on tour again this fall, to celebrate the release of the DVD and his long history. According to the man, the message behind History is derived from a Japanese saying, "Suimou Tsunenimasu," which translates to "There's no end to training." No kidding.

Jennifer Marston


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