Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dupri writes a book: Young, Rich, and Dangerous

Young, Rich and Dangerous

Four things: Jermaine Dupri has written his memoir; it is called Young, Rich and Dangerous; the first chapter is titled "Fresh Azimiz"; the foreword is written by Teddy Riley. If this does not make you want to read his book, we don't know what will. Honestly, we just flipped open to a random page and the first sentence we read was this:

So I got Bob, a big dude who's my head of security, to guard her and set her [T-Boz] up with a big plate of shrimp while we did our thing in another booth.

Awesome. We're already imagining JD reading this aloud in audio book form. Young, Fresh and Dangerous comes out on Atria Books this fall.

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