Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fabric Series

From the cowbell-laden music they make together, you can probably guess just what kind of stuff LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy and drummer Pat Mahoney might play in a club: a little leftfield this, a little mainstream that, but mostly a whole a lotta disco.

So you'll hardly be shocked while perusing the tracklist for the pair's (previously mentioned) forthcoming FABRICLIVE36 mix, the next installment in the London club's series of, y'know, live mix CDs. Performed with the assistance of a vintage Bozak DJ mixer and cobbled together from the collected-- presumably ginormous-- record bins of Misters Murphy and Mahoney, the twenty-four track comp marries a lot of funky old soul, a smidgen of that IDM, a pinch of thumpa-thumpa, and at least one shout-out to their day job (the "North American Scum" B-side "Hippie Priest Bum-out"). The thing's available from the Fabric label October 2 in the UK, and November 20 in the U.S. from Caroline.

And, since any mention of LCD isn't complete without a reminder about the colossal double bill they'll embark on shortly-- and the split disc resulting from it-- well, you already know. And don't forget about the September 18 release of LCD's A Bunch of Stuff EP, the DFA re-release of 45:33 on November 12, and the UK "Someone Great" single, out October 22.

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