Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How C-Ray Walz Almost took Biggie to the trunk

Yo, I’ll tell you the Biggie Smalls story. I think Biggie Smalls was just started out with Bad Boy and s**t. The illest s**t was when nobody knew who he was at a Rucker game, back in ’95 or ’96. You know what I’m saying, that used to be our spot [to catch a vic.] I didn’t really care who it was. My s**t was if you got a big chain, you probably be coming in with some drugs and s**t. So, I’m probably [gonna be] robbing you… I’m chilling right in front of the entrance of Rucker Park. It was crowded but it wasn’t crowded-crowded. I’m standing right in front of a building and I see this dude wearing a Coogi sweater, a chain, Versace glasses, big ass Jesus-piece and a Herringbone bracelet, with the diamonds squared. He’s just standing there by himself. He’s definitely not from Harlem. Dudes in Harlem ain’t even doing the Coogis yet. So I’m looking like, this dude ain’t with nobody. He’s looking like off into space and s**t. I’m gonna get this kid. He’s mad cool and s**t.

So I’m like, “What’s up?” This n***a is just too cool for me. This guy was just too calm, like he’s holding heat. I’m like, “F**k it, Let me get away from this dude right now.” I go “Stay up, man.” [And Biggie goes] “You too, baby, baby.”

So I went down the block. [The people I was with] went inside a building. They’re like, “What are you doing? I said, “I’m f**king robbing somebody. Come.” I’m going to the park, I’m blowing a couple of L’s and I start freestyling. They’re like, “You crazy ill son. You need to go to a place called 88HipHop where you could just go in the booth and rhyme.” And they took me there. It started my career.

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