Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Russel-Follow his lead!!!

Russell Simmons is kicking off the Fall 2007 season with Russell Simmons Argyle Culture, a brand new menswear collection commemorating the class, stature and respect achieved by those urban graduates who have "arrived" in the world.

Russell Simmons Argyle Culture focuses on the success of men over age 25, who have fulfilled their dreams. The brand is an authentic urban entrant into men's fashion.

"The argyle collection was my original inspiration," said Simmons. I became what I aspired to become: I grew up."

The collection infuses original urban concepts with the buttoned-up styling of men's professional attire. It is simpler in design and smaller in fit. The argyle pattern has always been a signature style in Simmons' wardrobe as well as been a staple of his original brand, Phat Farm.

"We're going to infuse fashion into Argyle Culture through color, texture and subtle details," said Kevin Saer, vice-president of design. "We're taking houndstooth and herringbone, and identifying with argyle. We're actually weaving specific fabrics like argyle herringbone and argyle houndstooth."

Argyle Culture designs feature a classic five-pocket denim silhouette recreated through suiting materials like wool, cotton blends and pinstripes.

Simmons added, "There are a huge group of consumers who are not young men any longer and don't shop in the young men's space, but still want to remain part of the urban lifestyle."

A new demographic has emerged by way of the maturation of the original young, urban enthusiast. Like urbanwear's entrance into the world of young men's fashion 15-20 years ago, Russell Simmons Argyle Culture is innovative and unprecedented.

Led by the vision of Russell Simmons, founder of the modern day hip-hop movement, Russell Simmons Argyle Culture and Phat Farm, divisions of Phat Fashions, are symbols of men's contemporary American culture, mixing the urban aesthetics of the streets and the preppy culture of the Ivy League. Since its inception in 1992, Phat Fashions remains committed to the principles that took it from a small New York City showroom to a multi-million dollar business. Phat Fashions' success is a result of the brand's commitment to quality, innovation in design and support of the retail trade through strategic marketing and advertising. For the consumer, Phat Fashions delivers a universal message that breaks stereotypes and ethnic boundaries, setting the standard in sportswear and establishing the company as the complete American lifestyle brand.

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