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Sean Price has become the darling of the underground with his much ballyhooed releases - Monkey Bars and Jesus Price Supastar. With the BCC going through a resurrection phase, Price has been the biggest beneficiary of the influx of 9th Wonder and Khrysis production, coupled with his ridiculous rhyme scheme that has made Heltah Skeltah's Ruck relevant and wanted more than ever. So what's Mr. Price to do now? Wait for a Heltah Skeltah reunion album? Nah. Make his rabid fanbase wait for the next album, titled Mic Tyson (can't help but love his play on words). Nope. How about drop a mixtape to keep your lyrical high from coming down? Bingo. With that comes the cleverly titled Master P mixtape.
Nevermind the brilliance of the No Limit Pen & Pixel inspired cover artwork, Sean P isn't here to play any games or sound remotely like the real Master P the title was inspired from. Sean Price means business in the grimiest way and heads better take notice if they haven't already.
With a spin on the 6 Million Dollar Man TV show (some of ya'll may be way too young to remember that show) titled the "6 Dollar Man" kicking off the album, heads will immediately notice that although Sean may be one of the gulliest out there, it doesn't mean there's no room for a sense of humor. Muscling through the filthy "BCCC (Frankenstein)" with fellow Boot Camp brothers Buckshot and Tek, Price rifles off a slick wordplay demonstration ("Peter paint Paul/Paul paint Peter/Fuck a paint pallet count paw/I pop heaters" is alliteration at its finest) while the menacing production keeps the B-D-I Thug snarling alongside of Smif N Wessun. Khrysis slips through with yet another ill production on "The Huckabuck" as Sean riddles you with rhymes that just sound incredibly dope but may be devoid of a real point. Regardless, it just shows how dope he is while slipping in some vocal clips of Rev X (youtube this guy) and his timeless quotes from public access TV.
Another laugh out loud moment features production by another underappreciated beatsmith, Babu. "One Question" is brilliantly structured as the vocal sample "I just want to ask you one question?" is completed by Sean, Ruste Juxx and Cousin Reek's ludicrous inquisitions such as "Why your ugly ass moms didn't use birth control?" It's not all fun and games though as Price joins Eratick Statik on the turbo charged "Knock Em Out The Box" and teases with the upcoming Mic Tyson joint "Psycho Ward", which results in yet another Khrysis banger.
Master P is the perfect precursor to Price's next album. With a rough and rugged style drenched in a slick sense of humor, Price has proven to be THAT emcee. You can't help to love everything about P and anticipate his next outing. A definite must have for those who admire the dusty sounds of early BCC and newbies who are just getting familiar.
Review By: Andreas Hale

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