Monday, August 13, 2007

Yes sir

In other news, New York's flagship dubstep night Dub War are starting a monthly podcast, available through iTunes, covering the broadest possible spectrum of dubstep music, in particular showcasing the many amazing tunes producers are doing which may not be getting played in clubs, as well as unreleased material from the heaviest hitters in the scene. They will switch up the format from month to month, sometimes mixing digitally (using Ableton Live), sometimes mixing vinyl, or sometimes elements of both. Guests will contribute mixes too. On the club front, Dub War will meet DMZ (Loefah, Mala and Pokes) in New York again on September 29th. Expect intercontinental shockwaves.

One legendary person who attends DMZ is Hank Shocklee, founding member of Public Enemy now turned dubstep fan. He's currently working on his album Shocktronica for release late this year and has claimed "I don't think there is any more genre[s]." Will it be a dubstep-informed LP? Let's hope so.

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