Thursday, September 13, 2007

Freeload: Sightings, "Perforated"

Brooklyn band Sightings has, for five years, made a good name for itself by destroying peoples ability to hear. Previous albums largely sound like someone sawing a car in half with a rusty chainsaw, but for new album Through the Panama (on Load Records just in time for Halloween), a knight in white armor also known as Andrew W(hite) K(night) intercedes on behalf of Jammingshire. This first song off Panama still fully shreds but also has rhythm and a respect for your eardrums, if only slight. Take thee a free tracketh below, and watch out for dudes when they hit the road in October.

Download: Sightings, "Perforated" (right click, save as)

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Audio: Spank Rock & Benny Blanco, "B.O.O.T.A.Y."

It's your grandmommy's new favorite tune! Spank Rock, Benny Blanco, Santi and Mandy Blank talking super grimy on the next track downloadable from the forthcoming Bangers & Cash album. Get it at Spank Rock's MySpace.

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Freeload: Citay, "First Fantasy"

Photo by Alissa Anderson

Citay, the ten deep collective from San Francisco, releases Little Kingdom on one of our favorite and best-named labels of late Dead Oceans on November 6th. Little Kingdom sounds like Ratatat if they became Hare Krishna or Lightning Bolt if they scarfed a shitload of peyote and played drums with their hair. It is a monumental journey through the galaxy of jams and the ideal soundtrack to a million falling leaves. It is the light reflecting off northern Pacific whitecaps. It made us sell our clothes and make new ones out of beard clippings. We started a garden! In brief, we're into it, and it all begins with "First Fantasy," free for the taking below.

Download: Citay, "First Fantasy" (right click, save as)

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Full Metal Ninja

Artwork by Tomoe Hamaya

For the fourth edition of the Southern Comfort/FADER 7-inch series, we asked ourselves, "What would it sound like to get your butt sliced off by a ninja robot in the year 3076?" The answer (clearly) was Parisian party animal Busy P on one side and B'more blockslayer DJ Blaqstarr on the other. And then we got Tomoe Hamaya to design that ninja's adverthrowingstar for the cover. Watch out! We've got a bunch to give away and all you have to do is email and put "seven" in the subject line to get one.

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