Wednesday, September 26, 2007


New Music: Buck 65 [ft. Cadence Weapon]: "Benz" [MP3/Stream]

You may know Buck 65 as that dude from Canada that kind of raps like Tom Waits and wrote that one song ("Centaur") about his colossal dong. This may have dissuaded you from further exploring his music, which is somewhat unfair even given these ill-defined circumstances. (He's from Nova Scotia, not just "Canada", he doesn't really entirely rap like Tom Waits, and "Centaur" is actually about the problem inherent in people fixating on your colossal dong instead of caring about who you are as a person.) If "Benz" is any indication, his upcoming album Situation is set to a be a bit more of a straightforward hip-hop deal than the eccentric folk-rap junkyardisms of his most well-known previous work: augmented by fellow Canadian abstract assonance specialist Cadence Weapon (aka former Pitchfork contributor Rollie Pemberton), a straightforward mostly-drums production from DJ Signify (who apparently stole RJD2's mojo) and an aggro "You're goin' down" hook, Buck spits about the hazards of socializing with him using more fire than twang: "Straight razor, you owe me a favor, good behavior/ Universal, cursin' I'm your personal savior." Like getting hit with an uppercut from a Mercedes 300SL's gull-wing door.

MP3:> Buck 65 [ft. Cadence Weapon]: "Benz"
[from Situation; due 10/30/07 on Strange Famous]

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