Thursday, September 13, 2007


Rapper Remy Ma won a victory in court yesterday (September 12), as her attempted murder charge was reduced to assault charges.

However, Remy Ma faces new charges, as she is accused of ordering a group of men to assault and intimidate two men, one who's girlfriend may testify against the rapper for allegedly shooting her best friend in July.

Remy Ma was originally charged with attempted murder for the alleged July 14 shooting of Makeda Barnes Joseph in front of a Manhattan nightclub, during a dispute over $2,000 that was missing from Remy Ma's purse.

Joseph was struck twice in the abdomen.

The murder charges were reduced to assault charges yesterday, as prosecutors now believe the gun may have gone off accidentally.

Assistant District Attorney Jason Berland revealed to the court that Remy Ma, 27, ordered an attack on a witnesses boyfriend at the Players Club in the Bronx on August 19, because his girlfriend was eluding Remy Ma, by changing her cellphone numbers.

Prosecutors say Remy Ma's unidentified boyfriend and an entourage approached the man and his associate.

Shortly afterwards, both men were beaten and one man suffered a broken bone in his face, along with a black eye.

He was hospitalized for a week after the incident according to prosecutors.

Sources told the brawl broke out at a Kay Slay event that Remy Ma was attending as a special guest.

"The incident had nothing to do with Remy Ma," a source told "The brawl happened at a Kay Slay party where Remy Ma was in attendance with her security and was also a specially invited guest. Her name was even plugged on Hot 97 as a guest celebrity to make an appearance at the party. No one was ever arrested in the alleged brawl and none of the people actually fighting were apprehended or arrested by the police."

According to the men, they could not identify their attackers because they were defending themselves from a barrage of punches.

Remy Ma, born Remy Smith, was charged with witness-tampering, intimidating a victim, gang-assault charges and third-degree assault.

Remy Ma has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

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