Monday, September 10, 2007

Rick Rubins Loves this group

Remember those tour dates we told you about a little while ago? You know, the ones with the Long Blondes, the Gossip, and Panther? Word on the street is they're off like a High School Musical starlet's prom dress.

Why? Well, did you read that Rick Rubin story in the New York Times Sunday Magazine last week? (If not, we recommend doing so.) Near the end, Rubin, the president of the Gossip's current label, Columbia, drops this interesting tidbit of information:

"'I saw [the Gossip] at the Troubadour, and they blew my mind'," [Rick Rubin] said. 'It was the best show I've seen in five years. Afterward, I met with the band. They felt stressed, and they were having trouble writing songs. The energy in the room when they were performing was so intense, and I'm not even sure how we'd get it to feel like that in the studio. So we decided to record a live show during their European tour, and we're going to release a DVD of the live album as their first release.'"

That live album and DVD, originally scheduled to be released on November 16, has been pushed back. So apparently, they pushed back the tour in support of it too.

Hmm. One would think that touring is a good way of drumming up excitement for a live album, no matter when the shows take place, but hey, we ain't gonna argue with Rick Rubin.

No word yet on whether the tour will be rescheduled, but all dates-- canceled and otherwise-- are available after the jump.

One piece of good news here is that the Long Blondes posted on their Myspace page that instead of touring, "We will in fact be spending October and November recording our second album." [MORE...]

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