Friday, September 21, 2007

Siagon brings Vietnam to the stage, Boom!!!!

Saigon v. Mobb Deep 9/21/07

By: Marty Caballero
Is it just a coincidence that fists start flying when albums are dropping? You be the judge, but there's no doubt that Prodigy caught a fair one courtesy of Saigon during a performance at SOB's in New York last night. Giddy was an unscheduled guest performer at the show, and everything appeared to be peace while he performed his single "C'mon Baby." Next up was the Mobb, and the altercation occurred while clearing the stage. Apparently Saigon was still sour after Pee invited him to "suck his dick" in an interview awhile back and decided to bring the beef to his front door like Domino's. As usual, someone had a camera and put it on YouTube, and you can see Saigon punching Pee twice before he bailed outta there in a hurry. We bear no ill will towards either here at sell mad CDs, kid--so judge for yourself. Peep two versions of the video (version 1 and 2) and Saigon's MySpace blog about the fight.
Saigon Vs Mobb Deep Version 2 Saigon Vs Mobb Deep Version 1

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