Thursday, September 13, 2007


Freeload: Sightings, "Perforated"

Brooklyn band Sightings has, for five years, made a good name for itself by destroying peoples ability to hear. Previous albums largely sound like someone sawing a car in half with a rusty chainsaw, but for new album Through the Panama (on Load Records just in time for Halloween), a knight in white armor also known as Andrew W(hite) K(night) intercedes on behalf of Jammingshire. This first song off Panama still fully shreds but also has rhythm and a respect for your eardrums, if only slight. Take thee a free tracketh below, and watch out for dudes when they hit the road in October.

Download: Sightings, "Perforated" (right click, save as)

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Audio: Spank Rock & Benny Blanco, "B.O.O.T.A.Y."

It's your grandmommy's new favorite tune! Spank Rock, Benny Blanco, Santi and Mandy Blank talking super grimy on the next track downloadable from the forthcoming Bangers & Cash album. Get it at Spank Rock's MySpace.

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Freeload: Citay, "First Fantasy"

Photo by Alissa Anderson

Citay, the ten deep collective from San Francisco, releases Little Kingdom on one of our favorite and best-named labels of late Dead Oceans on November 6th. Little Kingdom sounds like Ratatat if they became Hare Krishna or Lightning Bolt if they scarfed a shitload of peyote and played drums with their hair. It is a monumental journey through the galaxy of jams and the ideal soundtrack to a million falling leaves. It is the light reflecting off northern Pacific whitecaps. It made us sell our clothes and make new ones out of beard clippings. We started a garden! In brief, we're into it, and it all begins with "First Fantasy," free for the taking below.

Download: Citay, "First Fantasy" (right click, save as)

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Full Metal Ninja

Artwork by Tomoe Hamaya

For the fourth edition of the Southern Comfort/FADER 7-inch series, we asked ourselves, "What would it sound like to get your butt sliced off by a ninja robot in the year 3076?" The answer (clearly) was Parisian party animal Busy P on one side and B'more blockslayer DJ Blaqstarr on the other. And then we got Tomoe Hamaya to design that ninja's adverthrowingstar for the cover. Watch out! We've got a bunch to give away and all you have to do is email and put "seven" in the subject line to get one.

| 09/11/2007

Audio: Wayniac f. Lil Scrappy, Young Dro & Lil Chuk Chuk, "I'm From Zone 3"

Wayniac sounds like a soft-voiced Mystikal (and also makes us think of the Animaniacs), Young Dro calls himself a Transformer car with a Robocop gun, and Lil Chuk Chuk, in what may be his rap chorus debut, makes the whole song sound like a post-apocalyptic wasteland ruled by little kids.

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Dollars To Pounds: Field Of Joy

Imagine a sunny British summer festival where you don’t have to camp on top of each other, where the music is fun and adventurous, where the food is edible, where the people are friendly and cool and attractive (and some are even under 30) and where there’s a genuine sense of adventure and abandon in the air. That used to be Glastonbury, but Glasto is dead to me now. Long live Bestival.

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Video: Stat Quo, "We Get Higher"

If you download the free pdf or buy the paper version of the current issue, you will see Stat Quo in there. When he came by to play us his new album, we listened, we liked, and then we fought over who got to be his best friend after he left. Dude is a funny dude. Dude is also a good rapper dude. Both are in evidence in this new video.

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