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Joe Budden Mood Muzik 3 Trailer

Unforgiven - Joe Budden Ft. Metalica

Joe Budden - Future

Joe Budden - Broken Wings

people can be stupid at labels. So here is a guy that needs to be re-signed. Mood Music 3 coming out soon.

Black Lips - Katrina - Vice Records

Black Lips


Black Dice, Live @ StudioB 2007


The Pocket-Tabi Bonney

Syce it/Escalator - Tabi Bonney

Black Dice - Smiling Off

brooklyn stand up


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Beat making, the best loved part of making a music track, well for me anyway. Get the drums wrong and the tracks fails. No one can listen to it, no one can dance to it. So instead of making a "waste-of-time-track", try out these tips to get the most out of your beats:

Beat making tip #1.

Always use quality products. Whether you are making top beats or grime riddled tunes, quality sounds will show your intention to your future. Can't be bothered and bedroom musician are what hissing, and clicks within a beat promote. Now most of us are bedroom musicians, but you always should be giving off professionalism. That is the point, you can be a bedroom musician but still produce quality tracks. A poor sample library is the easiest way into any recycle bin. Hardrives are now large enough to have thousands of quality sounds. If you are downloading on dial-up get a download manager to pause downloads if they are too big. Let nothing stop you in pursuit of finding quality sounds.

Please Note it is quite hard to make grime tunes without them sounding like a distorted mess, and that is why NIN (Nine Inch Nails) are so good. There is more processing and more quality within those tunes to make them that dirty. As a side note, 8-bit Commodore 64 sounds are cool within the right quality drum sounds, but by themselves they are nostalgic but can not seriously carry a track without help.

Beat making tip #2.

Ask any woman how to make their hair feel fatter/ fuller bodied/ better...and they will say...layer. That is exactly the same with any sort of beat or percussion noise. I have a great little note that I give myself when I try to find a great beat...don't look, there is no such thing as finding the perfect beat. I have found that there is always something wrong with anything that I download. I have to alter the sound to make it useful. I have to layer. Sure the sound I downloaded is say a good kick, but it should be fatter. So what do I do? I figure that I need a lower end kick, and apply that, to get a little bit deeper/ fatter I will also incorporate a sub bass sound. It is not uncommon for producers to layer beats up to 5 times with various other percussion loops complimentary to the initial loop. I have to say it is uncommon for producers not to layer.

Beat making tip #3.

Taking tip one and tip two into consideration, what else can we do to make a beat feel...fatter, more sub level? EQ? Well yes, and no. There is no amount of EQ to put onto a beat for it to sound deeper. Why? Well EQ will only work on frequencies that are already there. There are many a musician (a large percentage) that will EQ everything. That is not good. You have then got a situation where every sound is fighting for a place in the same mix. So adding EQ to something that has not got the range in the first place will do nothing. So what do you do? Either get rid of the kick that you downloaded and get one with a bit of sub boom in it, or do tip 1 and 2- there is no other way.

Beat making tip #4.

The kick is the favourite sample going, and unfortunately it is the most troublesome. This is seen in the Dance and Electronic music scene. BANG BANG BANG, goes the thudding kick and nothing else is recognisable within the beat. So what do we do to avoid over kickness? Make sure that the kick is playing on a separate channel so that it doesn't interrupt anything else, and you don't interrupt anything else when you alter it. Apply some compression to the kick, then adjust the make-up gain so that it starts to settle in and ultimately sound right with your other loops.

Beat making tip #5.

To sparkle up your beats why not add some processing power to them? Adding a slight amount of Overdrive can make your flat beat beef up a little bit more. Adding some Reverb can also add some depth, however it can also loose the drums original Oomph, and make the drum sound farther back within the track so be careful when you reverb. Add and remove, add and remove- always keep on checking the beat within the track at many different points to see if it sits well throughout the track. The newly processed beat might sound really funky next to your bassline, however if you have vocals, the bass and beat combo might sound too overpowering. Always check and monitor any processing that you do


Beat point 2

So how do we actually make our own music beats?

There are plenty of books out there that tell you 101 different ways, but I have found a simple, and easy way to mastering this important concept.

With this small guide I will use a free bit of software, a Drum Machine. It is called HammerHead, and can be downloaded from here. It is a small file- 1.47MB.

Make Your Own Music Beats Stage #1- The Title Screen

Once downloaded and unpacked, load up the software and you should have an image like the one below.The "Title Screen".

As you can see you have instruments listed as 909 BD, the 909 refers to the Roland 909 drum machine, and BD is bass drum and is the "default" setting for all the channels. So we have 6 channels to put in 6 types of instruments.

Make Your Own Music Beats Stage #2- Adding a Kick

First we need to add a lovely, pumping kick drum. This is done by clicking on channel 1 and selecting the kick drum, or bass drum (BD), because it is default it is already selected. So for a normal dance line, we add the kick to the tabs, these are yellow and blue, but in an order...By kicking the left mouse button once on all the yellow tabs we shall then have our thudding kick line. Press play when you are done, and press play to stop. See below at the kick layout.

Congratulations, your first beat! Now to add extras to the kick.

Make Your Own Music Beats Stage #3- Adding a snare

Next is to add a snare. The snare is mostly follows the kick. So we add the snare by clicking on channel 2, click on the little pull down box (to the right of 909bd in channel 2), scroll down the various samples we can use, until we get to 909Snare. Now left mouse click on every other yellow tab, to apply the snare. This should look like the picture below:

so we will have- kick, snare, kick snare. Sounds pretty boring, so we need to add some percussion.

Make Your Own Music Beats Stage #4- Closed HitHat

The hit hat will add some crispness to the beat. So, click on channel 3, and then find the 909 Closed HH (like we did when we found the snare). I have decided to add the closed hihat at odd intervals- this gives the beat a little difference compared to others- a huge factor when making yourself known within a crowded field. Apply the closed hihat like the picture below:

Make Your Own Music Beats Stage #5- Open HitHat

The open hihat is a dance favourite and is essential to give some adrenalin to your beats. It is usually applied to a beat inbetween the snare and the kick. So click on channel 4, and then find 909 Open HH. Apply the open hihat like the picture below:

This is the basics of a beat. Congratulation that you have got this far, you have done well! Now what we shall do is add a little bit of flavour to our beat, just to make it more interesting.

Make Your Own Music Beats Stage #6- Adding the clap

Just by applying the clap to any beat just gives it a best of zest. You can apply the clap ontop of the snare, or before the kick. So click on channel 5, and choose the 909 clap. I have placed it like the picture below:

Make Your Own Music Beats Stage #7- Adding a Loop

To make your own music beats, one rule is needed: A perfect music beat is never usually around. By adding other aspects to a beat you will always find the perfect beat, and also you will make an original beat. Most professional artists add various "other sounds" to their work to make that perfect beat. It is not uncommon for layering up a beat upto 6 times. So, I have chosen to use a loop that comes with HammerHead. It is called Funky Drummer, click on channel 6 and the loop can be found at the end of the samples list. I have placed it not in the usual way, i.e, on the first tab and let the loop run. I have placed it so it fires in combination, and in sync with the kick. I have placed it like the picture below:

More examples can be found, if you go to "file" then "open track".

If you want to go further, you could extend the beat range itself, so instead of 16 lines, you could have 32, or even 48. In the first 16 you could have the kick drum and open hi-hat, then in the next 16 (up to 32) you could add the snare, then in the last 16 (up to 48) you could have the closed hi-hat come in- or any combination of your choosing.

I hope that you like this basic introduction to make your own music beats. How easy was that! That is how hard beat making gets! By just using different free software applications you can create more professional beats, and then use them into your techno songs...easily.


Beat point 3

Future Considerations.

Your beat making possibilities are truly endless. Adding various effects like shouts, various "hits" and such that come in on the snare lines is in-itself a hook. If you want anti-boredom effects, the best thing to do is add loops to your basic beat. This is a technique that is commonly used, with 3 or more extra loops being added. The loops however must be complementary, light percussion such as tambourine, hi-hats etc are good loops to add. Extra kick and snare loops can interfere with the main loop and sound strange and will become out-of-sync with each other.

Make your own music beats Top Tip: If you like an artists beat, sample it, then slow it down- see how it is made up, see what sample goes when or where.

If you want to expand even more, Hammerhead is very limited- with sounds,effects, quality and performance. There are however a few things out there that will help you out. First I would get the hang of Hammerhead. there are alot of software and hardware music makers that are based on the principles layed out here, and it is best to get to grips and term with them. I have nailed down the best 3 ways to make your own music beats. Your sounds will become more professional, more unique and more than likely you will not need anything else. Remember though to practise, and use a variety of combinations.

When you do find some great drum loops what most artists do is add singular hits. In most loops the kick and the snare is caught up within the general loop. So what we do is to add single snare samples and single kick samples to the loop. This is easily done in a sequencer. It hightens the loop, makes the beat more thumping, also it allows the audience to respond more to your track.

This type of adding extra sounds and samples to the loop is very common in the techno field. It is not uncommon to hear 3-5 loops attached to one drum sequence. Why? Because it is virtually impossible to find one specific loop to fit your drum needs. You have to make your own music beats. Most if not all the loops that you hear in any techno artists songs are either built from the ground up or they have been added upon and mangled.


Beat point 1.

The most important fact you should know is: In techno, your beats are one of the defining factors in track saleability and grasping audience attention. For example, in a club the DJ will mainly play a techno song with a good beat- people want a good time and a good thumping track is the key for crowd pleasure- guaranteed.

If you make your own music beats and your beat is similar to everyone else's why should the DJ play yours? If on the other hand, you have made your own beat, and it is a bit different- having some cool sounds interwoven with the common beat- it will arouse interest.

Your own beat can also be the basis of a good idea. There has been many artist that have said "I started off with a good bass drum".

To make your own music beats could also BE your own track. Adding various effects and various sounds could carry the track all by itself. Underworld's "Born Slippy" is a testament to this idea. I know it has some chords at the start, but utilising their own beat, with various effects added, made this a club classic.


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Basteroid: Upsets Ducks [Areal]
With the rise, on the one hand, of clicky-clacky "minimal," and on the other, billowing deep house and new-trance arrangements, Areal's version of electronic music-- squealy, overdriven, clunkily melodic and not a little wonky-- is no longer met with the rapturous curiosity it received a few years ago. But the debut LP from Areal co-founder Basteroid (aka Sebastian Reidl) proves that the formula is still plenty valid-- perhaps even moreso in the context of an artist album, where his ungainly fugue states don't have to play nice with more controlled (some might say formally conservative) fare. Daisy-chaining analog machines and devoid of finicky editing, Upsets Ducks' ten tracks bang out unfussy, electro-inspired rhythms beneath cascading melodies and counterpoints as sawtoothed as the Weyerhauser shop floor. Performing real-time tweaks to arrangements that stretch out like mountain terracing, Leidl maximizes the yield of his blocky plots by coaxing musical statements out of everything from an accelerating ping-pong delay to the frayed ends of a decaying filter.


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Kanye West making an ill track in the studio

Beat Making/Nobody Famous



First let me say that it must be really hard to be a black man these days for this reason alone; you are expected to approach us lovely ladies. I have to give you your respect because I think if I were you I would be alone many nights. Those of you who aren't exactly Denzel’s and Morris Chestnut’s should get the purple heart for your courage and audacity. I want to state for the record that women who have attitudes or roll their eyes for no good reason when a man approaches them should be eradicated. They are ruining it for the rest of us ladies who appreciate, and are flattered by, a strong man who knows how to come correct. This brings me to my rant. How do some of you fools have the nerve to get upset when you get cold shoulder from the ladies. Here's a list of the top 5 most common situations (all based on true stories) where you fools should known better:

5. If I was some sort of household pet like a cat, I would probably respond accordingly to those mating sounds, y’all like to do. Although I have a p*ssy, I am not one! Do not try to call me over by purring, hissing, or with any other exotic animal sounds, period!

4. If you are telling me your occupation because it is a high paying profession, don't get upset when I say “F*ck you and you can keep it moving. If you're going to treat me like a stereotypical Golddigger I'm going to treat you like a stereotypical D*ckhead.

3. Gossiping is not attractive to anyone so why in the world would you use that as a tactic to infiltrate my caller ID? First of all if there is more than one of you I am more likely to steer clear because it is a well known fact that men get more audacious when they around their boys. I'm just not trying to take the chance for you to embarrass me. Second, if I walk by you guys and you make a comment that you think is flattering to your boy about me just loud enough for me to hear I'm going to pretend like I didn't hear and roll my eyes when I get past you. You are the same man running around telling all your boys that you hit it. NOTE: This is especially true if your friend is another female. (Yes this has actually happened) Never involve another woman in your approach, this only tells me that this woman is going to be all in our business down the road.

2. There is a thin line between flattery and just plain rude. Don't get me wrong I can definitely appreciate a compliment, but don't go overboard. Telling me that I have a nice ass doesn't get my panties wet. If you think about it the size/shape of my ass provides no physical pleasure for me. If you’re going to go down this perilous route at least mention a body part that might evoke a mental fantasy like my lips or nipples. And whatever you do don't even think about giving me one of your little freaky compliments then touching me. All I'm going to do is reach for my Mace.

1. If you ask me for my number and I tell you “No!” because I have a boyfriend, it's my way of trying to turn you down as politely as possible. Come on now, think about it, why in the world would I tell you I have a boyfriend if I was looking for a "friend?" I usually don't seek out friends whose primary objective is to get in my pants. And if I was looking for a new man I wouldn't risk you thinking I'm a cheating ho by mentioning my current boyfriend. Now if I was looking for the cut buddy, my response to your come-on would probably be more along the lines of "I'll take your number 'cause I got a man and you can't be calling my phone. I'll hit you later when my man is asleep and I can creep out the house!"

The views expressed above are wholeheartedly supported by Keenan “Keeper of the Rants & Raves” Davis. I’ve talked about this a few times before, “Ain’t No Half Steppin’!!!” and “Be A Man About It”. Basically, it’s a simple rule, it takes balls to bag b*tches, if you really want an attractive woman on your arm, you gotta act like you a grown @ss man to get her. Step your game up!


A new series i began here for people to watch or read abt how to create beats on different type of equipment.

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Jeffrey Woodward
In the game since 1978, Mr. Jeffrey Woodward has established himself as not only Detroit's original Don of UK Garage, but also one of many dj's across the United States to champion this sound to the masses who are open minded about hearing something new. Mr. Woodward is one of a handful of Detroiters to be involved in music as a fan, record store employee (Buy-Rite Music/1988-1997; The Dance Zone @ Melodies & Memories/1997-2000), and DJ. In 1996, Mr. Woodward was the first Detroit DJ to spin UKG on an exclusive basis at downtown Detroit's legendary Club 246. That year, he founded The Detroit Housing Commission. His reason? " I decided to pull a 360 away from all of the other Club 246 DJ's who had to fight to break the "hottest" records (which, ironically, he sold to them). "Don't get me wrong: I love house music, but I kept hearing the same predictability that's still being heard in the clubs today. I then knew that Detroit was ready for something different."

CONTACTAfter 246 closed in November,1988, Mr. Woodward found more opportunities to bring the UKG sound to even more people. First, he was hired at Lush in 1999 as the Co-Resident DJ on Saturdays. At the same time, he found his biggest success when he joined the dubTech underground cartel. His epic Speed Garage battles with fellow dubTech members CDX, and Whistle Boi gave new meaning to the phrase "tear the roof off!" Jeffrey has played alongside DJ greats such as Terrence Parker, Paul Johnson, Boo Williams, and DJ Assault, just to name a few. The music he played at raves ended up as even bigger hits at Lush, and the masses knew that when he played, they weren't going hear the "same ol, same ol" that others were playing every week.

Recently, Mr. Woodward has become the newest member of Chicago's Brut Force Productions, one of the Midwest's pioneers of the UKG sound. 2005 will see Mr. Woodward come back with even more tricks up his sleeve, some new reloads for the fans, and haterade for the doubters. As a famous man once said.......... you can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him


T.S. Heritage
Over the past decade, Miami based DJ T.S. Heritage has developed a unique style that has many influences, from Dancehall Reggae to DrumnBass to Downtempo, but he always stays true to the underground sound. For the last few years he's focused on UK Garage, and has recently morphed with some elements of that scene into what's become known as Brokenbeat. As part of a group of DJs known as BeatCamp, T.S. has promoted underground dance music at major raves and club nights throughout the Unite States.

T.S. Heritage is the host and promoter of "TRANSATLANTIC", the annual UK Garage showcase of international DJs at the Winter Music Conference, and also holds a residency at the longest running weekly DrumnBass / UK Garage / Electronica party in Florida. This past year he celebrated the 6th anniversary of that event with the rest of the BeatCamp crew.

OFFSITE NEW DUBPLATES CLASSIC DUBPLATES CONTACT For more information about T.S. Heritage, check his website BOOSTED RECORDINGS, look for his UK Garage and Brokenbeat tunes released on the Boosted Recordings Label, and find out about the next BEATCAMP event.


damn, Damn, DAMN!!! What is wrong with you people? I can’t take it anymore! Y’all about 2 seconds from making me ashamed of my skin and seeing if it will wash off! OJ & Michael Jackson are old news so, I won’t even bring that up but, then we had Michael Vick. And that’s been a couple months now so, I was never gonna talk about it. And now we have TI. I couldn’t believe it. You’re a rapper who crossed over and you actually got endorsement deals through Chevy and ESPN bumping your song! Is it really that serious, my dude? For those who don’t know, TI was arrested over the weekend for attempting to purchase machine guns and silencers from an undercover agent. Machine guns AND silencers??? Are you serious?

And how in God’s name are you gonna let it get back to you? I know, you use your bodyguard, that’s how! No one would ever think that it’s TI if his bodyguard is the one who’s buying it! Genius!!! And reports are saying that the bodyguard was wearing a wire! What is wrong with you dudes? One of the 1st rules is do dirt all by yourself so, you the only one to blame if you get caught! Times have changed! Nowadays if one of y’all get bagged, everyone gets bagged. I remember playing team hide and go seek as a kid and my boy would get caught 10 feet from where I was. If he had the nerve, to turn around and be like “Come out Keenan, they got us!”, I would’ve whipped his @ss! No, they don’t got us, they got you! I’m still hiding in the bushes. But, not now! You see how quickly Mike Vick’s own cousins flipped on him! What you think your bodyguard gonna do when you know you probably only paying him minimum wage and groupie love and the feds looking to give him a bid? And yes, I said feds! TI got bagged by the ATF. That’s Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms people. In other words, that’s TI’s @ss!!! It wasn’t no beat cop, they set up a sting and hooked a big fish! I don’t get it! What’s wrong y’all? I would say us but, I’m no longer affiliated with all of you! There needs to be a division. Black people get money and purchase homes, open businesses, invest in the market. Nikkas get money and make it rain, blow it on depreciating items like chains, rims and kicks while thinking they above the law and can’t leave the streets alone. I’m from the hood too but, you best believe that I’m only going back to visit friends, family and help the next dude leave it also. Why is a grown @ss man fronting like he got something to prove. TI take that money you spent on illegal weapons (as a convicted felon) and hire some real security who have licenses to carry all that firepower. Who are you riding on? You’re famous! Is your beef with Lil’ Flip and Ludacris that serious? I hate nikkas! Y’all are dumb! Take your money, bone some white women and travel! I think Lil’ Bow Wow put it best when he said: “I ain’t gotta act hard, I’m under 21 with a black card” Y’all might wanna listen to that little fella, he ain’t taking his beef with Romeo to the streets!!!

It’s almost here people! The greatest birthday party event that happens every October!


This year, it’s next Saturday, the 27th at Sequoia on The South Street Seaport. 2 Floors, 1000 person capacity, On the water, DJ Kaos on the wheels! What more can I say! How about that I’m celebrating with Margaret Anadu, Raven O’Neal, Hank Simmons, Jennise Hall, Kenny Depeyster and Brent Haynes! Pier 17 Building, 2nd Floor at the South Street Seaport – at Fulton Street & East River. We had over 500 people last year. I already know that we’re past that! Hit me if you didn’t get the evite!

And if you’re looking for something to get into tonight now that Single In Gotham City is no more. Come out to Tonic (727 Seventh Ave bet. 48th and 49th) as the NY Metro Alumni Advisory Council for A Better Chance (ABC) hosts “An Afterwork Extravaganza” starting at 6:30. No cover so, come on down and support the organization that laid the educational foundation for many minority New York City youth including yours truly! How do you think I wound up going to the number one school in the county for entrepreneurship!!!

Keenan “Love Black People, Hate Nikkas” Davis


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Black Flag

faith no more- caffeine

Faith No More - A Small Victory

Faith No More/Boo-Ya Tribe - Another Body Murdered

The Transplants ft.Boo yaa T.r.i.b.e (DJ.HABIT RMX)

The Transplants - Gangsters and Thugs

Transplants - DJ DJ

Rancid - Hooligans

RANCID - Ruby soho


The Clash - White Riot Live (1978 Victoria Park London)

The Clash - White Riot - Tommy Gun - I Fought the Law


Bad Religion - Punk Rock song


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crooked I - Boom Boom Clap

nicest mc on the west besides ras kass

DJ Chip - Chicago Juke Slide (Pimp Walk Slide)

Ghetto Tracks - Ghetto House 4 Life! Dance Mania (Chicago)

Justice vs DJ Funk - Let there be light (Bounce Dat Ass mix)


indie djs rule

Jedi Mind Tricks Ft. Sean Price - Blood Runs Cold

Sean Price - One (Master P Mixtape This Summer)

Sean Price feat. Block McCloud

BK All Day - Boot Camp Clik

thy are back and stronger than ever. BK standup

Smif N Wessun - Gotta Say It (Album In Stores - 10.23.2007)


Antipop Consortium - What am I?

Beans - Mutescreamer

Beans - Down By Law

Beans from Antipop Consortium

Beans Interview


Beans with Holy Fuck

Joel Ortiz is doing it

Indie Thursday

Monday, October 15, 2007

Four Tet DJ-Kicks EPK (!K7)

Carl Craig DJ-Kicks (!K7)

Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills: Compression 1 Year @ Avaland

Felix Da House Cat - My Life is Music By skoumas


the house patron

Kano - This Is The Girl (Ft. Craig David) Live @ Mobo 07

Seven Days craig david

Artful Dodger Feat. Craig David - Re-Rewind

Artful Dodger - Twentyfourseven

Master At Work - The Drill Work (Digital Union Remix)


Masters At Work - Work

Masters at Work - Work


Friday, October 12, 2007

Roll Deep Badman

UK GARAGE, GRIME Live : Roll deep mcz plus Xtraz 2/4

Asher D - GRIME/Freeze Video

Skream - Klaxons Dubstep Remix Dour 2007

Benga - Crunked Up


Whoa-B - Dubstep Quickmix

Dubstep : Bristol - Living Inside the Speaker

Dubstep Dub War Kode 9 and Plastician NY City


T.S. Heritage
Over the past decade, Miami based DJ T.S. Heritage has developed a unique style that has many influences, from Dancehall Reggae to DrumnBass to Downtempo, but he always stays true to the underground sound. For the last few years he's focused on UK Garage, and has recently morphed with some elements of that scene into what's become known as Brokenbeat. As part of a group of DJs known as BeatCamp, T.S. has promoted underground dance music at major raves and club nights throughout the Unite States.

T.S. Heritage is the host and promoter of "TRANSATLANTIC", the annual UK Garage showcase of international DJs at the Winter Music Conference, and also holds a residency at the longest running weekly DrumnBass / UK Garage / Electronica party in Florida. This past year he celebrated the 6th anniversary of that event with the rest of the BeatCamp crew.

OFFSITE NEW DUBPLATES CLASSIC DUBPLATES CONTACT For more information about T.S. Heritage, check his website BOOSTED RECORDINGS, look for his UK Garage and Brokenbeat tunes released on the Boosted Recordings Label, and find out about the next BEATCAMP event.


OGK, or the Organized Grime Kartel is a Grime production crew based in New York City. Their main backbone consists of T-Nato and B-Breaks...

T-Nato was born in London in the early 80’s to an Italian family. After a childhood going back and forth from Italy to South London, T-Nato grew up constantly on the move. After finishing his education at College in the East of England to persue a Graphic Design career, T-Nato moved to East London after the millennium and fell in Love with music. Luckly at the same time Grime was being born from the Garage scene.

OFFSITE CONTACTWiley then Dizzee had blown up. T-Nato, by then, had already started producing his own sound, a mix of DrumnBass, Hip-Hop, and Trip-Hop. Being surrounded by UK urban/street music, Grime made sense to him and he decided that when he moved to New York City in 2005, he would take it with him. ‘I been in and out of NYC since 2003 cos of family reasons, but I was getting sick of England as life was getting too hard, I managed to get into a good music school in NY and I just been on the grind ever since’. Now based in Queens, New York, T-Nato went in search of other artists to bring Grime to the US. Armed with an experimental self produced EP, T-Nato linked up with B-Breakz to Form OGK. Nato’s influences range from everything, from Miles Davis to Capelton, but what moves him the most is Artists such as JME, Wiley, Jammer, and mostly everyone who's any good in the UKG scene.

B-Breakz has always known music to be his life from the very beginning. From his first Hip-Hop purchase of LL Cool J’s “Radio”, to following a friend’s advice and picking up the infamous Bad Brains-ROIR. The interweaving sound of Hip-Hop and Punk Rock has followed him ever since. Deciding to get involved with the puck-rock scene He found himself playing bass in a variety of bands between VA and D.C. While in D.C. he was introduced to the sounds of DrumnBass. DnB combined both the heavy beats of Hip-Hop with the raw power of Punk Rock & Hardcore. DnB inspired him to venture into production, with a new approach to making music.

Now Living in Brooklyn, NY, the music scenes left B-Breakz looking for more, something that would be the next step, then in 2004 B-Breakz heard Grime music for the first time and it was a logical progression. With Grime finding its way into the U.S.; tracks by Dizzie Rascal, Kano, Durrty Goodz, and JME on DJ Cameo’s radio show, pushed the boundaries of the sound. DnB having such a strong influence on the genre, B-Breakz was inevitably drawn to it. MC’s flowing over the staggered beats, and basslines, brings everything full circle. Fast forward to 2005… Deciding to seek out those who shared his love of Grime, a chance meeting strikes a friendship between T-Nato and B-Breakz and they form OGK.

2006 is setting itself up to be a busy year for Organized Grime Kartel. Both T-Nato and B-Breaks are focused on bringing Grime to a wider audience in the States… Stay tuned….

DEV 7-9

in the club.
On the live side of things, dev79's lack of attention span and energetic performances clash to form a punk brashness full of style and a lack of grace. Taking nods from dancehall, hip-hop, and electronic forms of mixing, dev79 hacks n' blends his way through a barrage of tracks keeping the dancefloor raw n' sweaty throughout philadelphia and beyond.

in the studio.
After rockin' noise hop and glitched out dub for a few years, which left behind a couple notorious underground records (7" single ellipsis on sonicterror records and 12" ep distinct stance on zenapolae records) and a slew of compilation appearances, dev79 moved onto making more vocal oriented hip hop and dancehall tracks yet still with his signature off kilter edge.

He then developed an infatuation with the UK Grime sound and has been producing Grime tracks which is growing to represent a large portion of his output. In addition to raw ghetto club bangers. look out for a slew of hot n nasty tracks dropping soon.

dev79 reps the seclusiasis crew outta Philadelphia... seclusiasis run a slew of club nights across the city (including 'get in' -the u.s. first Grime focused party), in addition to a monthly radio show, an apparel line, and much more. additionally he is a co-owner in slit jockey records, u.s. first Grime label.


Real Name: Jamie Rutter
Age: 22
Location: London (dirty South)
Affiliations: All the Gold Seal Camp, Wretch 32, N.A.S.T.Y JACK, Skillioso, NU World, Levy, Shados, Scarrs, Hugo Blaze,
Residencies: No residencies really, I like to roam, but gig loads n am booking my second UK tour right now!! Nearest man has to a residency is Yo Yo's @ Notting Hill Arts club, going back der to head line for the 3rd time November 23rd!!

Where are you from?
Roehampton, SW15 baby - Jamaican / English parents How long have you been MCing, what got you started, and where do you see yourself going with it from here? I been MC'ing forever man, 7/8
years started off spitting to Jungle then moved on to the UK Garage / 4x4 scene where man tore it up on Supreme FM and Delight FM alongside tha milky mans, So Solid crew n all the originators of
this scene. How did I start?? Well time's were deep when i was a yout n didnt really have much presents but my mum had a little tape recorder and taught me to write at a young age so i used to record my voice and play it back, then i started writing stories to record, then that moved on to writing bars 2 music n recording them. All progressed from there really, when i first heard Jungle
it blew my mind and that is when I knew I would be an MC.

What styles of music do you MC to?
Any god damn thing. Hip Hop , Grime, 4x4, Jungle, rock even.. if it has a beat I will merk it, no long.

What draws you to UKG/Grime?
Originally it was the music that we all vibed to 4x4/UKG was huge when I was a teenager we would tour the youth clubs n just jump on the mic, the fire n hype when spitting to garage was addictive n I
used to love seeing peeps sharing tapes they had recorded off radio with my bars on them. Gotta say that the modern Grime is not so much to my taste but then again every so often producers come along an surprise me with a sick riddim. I'm feeling Skillioso's stuff, P Jam, Dexplicit, Chunky Bizzle, Scorcher's stuff is messy, my nigga Scarrs, my boy Black Jack is killing it at the moment as well but a lot of the simple, techy stuff, well man just cant vibe off that.

Do you produce as well as MCing?
LOLOLOL not in the modern use of the word, but if u mean working with the beat maker to arrange my vocals n stuff, coming up with ideas for layering my vox n sheit, u know the more traditional type of production, well thats me, I see it not as spitting bars when we are recording but we making a song so the more input I have the happier I'll be with product. Spraying bars is for radio man... that's me right der.

What do you bring that's unique to MCing?
I have all the arrows in my bow, some MCs have a sick flow but weak bars, others weak flow messy bars, me i bring both together n I can merk any tempo as well, 50bpm right the way thru to 190 bpm... Also man likes to write stories, my tunes are all based around a concept and are thought thru.

Where do you see this music going?
My music - I see it going all the way I want have tracks on soundtracks, in computer games, compilations, i wanna tour the world gigging, i wanna be interviewed, i wanna be on covers man but most of all i want people to really feel my music, to make albums that people will still listen to in 10, 14 fuck it 100 years. Look at 2 Pac, Biggie, Wu, all dem cats, peeps still bump n buy there
stuff n still will be for decades to come. I wanna be a legend n I wanna tell my story n the story of the peeps around me.

Tell us about some of the bigger events you've MCed at.
Well I did performed on the whole DMC uk tour which was mad, we did a dozen cities across the UK

Who do you work with?
Rah, everyone who feels my shit.. seriously wanna get this out the way first, i run my own label n do all my own stuff with a team I have known for years, I am approachable n will jump on a track with
anyone who's stuff im feeling.. so any you US artists out there holla @ me on myspace for real. But so far I have worked with artists like BIG Narstie, Loudmouth, Low key, milky mans, N.A.S.T.Y CREW, Tinchy Stryder (Ruff Sqwad), wretch n scorcher form combination camp, Nolay n Silva B from Unorthodox, Asher D, Crispy. On the producer front I have worked with Skillioso, Hugo Blaze, Black jack, Dj Lively, NWP productions, No one Special, Body Damage.. again bare mans. I'm a
collaborated for real

I hear you have a big Black Jack Grime remix of your "Different World" coming out soon. Who's on that and what else should we know about it?
Well, who aint on that more like :) Line up in order as we appear is Wretch 32, me, N.A.S.T.Y JACK, MC NOLAY, TINCHY STRYDER AND SCORCHER. Black Jack is on the buttons of course alongside my DJ and producer Hugo Blaze.

Basically the concept of the track is "Different World", each MC is spitting about their individual different world and my idea for the track was to bring some unity to this scene, you have all your east camp working together on their boy better know movement, all the south mans doing their thing, in West you got renegade Boys n Unorthodox and in North London you got north star n combination camp. I thought it was time that all these different camps got together n did a track. So u got me n Nolay repping South, N.A.S.T.Y JACK repping West, Combination repping North and Tinchy n the Ruff Sqwad boys repping East. Its one of the big things holding the UK urban scene back is the in fighting n hating, if we all unite for the music and worked together then we can push the scene international.

Oh yeah and the video is being shot next week, so watch this space for some exclusive behind the scenes!!!

Did you actually go into the studio with all of those people? What was it like working with all of them?
I didn't record with Nolay or Scorcher but all the others I was there, they were all bless, you hear a lot of road talk about different MCs but come down to it they were all safe, professional and did sick takes. You can see some behind the scene pics @ the different world myspace!! i have also already recorded the first scene of the video for this remix with Wretch, basically we took over a glamour model shoot for the evening.. was mad, take 2 MCs, one mansion, 3 supercars and 4 glamour models = messssssyyyyy video (laughs)

And other projects/releases/collaborations we should look out for?
Well "Different World" will come out both the Hip-Hop n Grime versions in early november, nationwide release date TBC. My mixtape will be hitting streets early next year and will have a
whole bag of features on it, both Hip Hop and Grime, might even be a couple of 4x4 bonus bits on der as well. I will also be on the Gold Seal presents album, that is my label and basically that will be a concept album with the best of british across all genres on there. Very sick project. Look out for that. Im also on the N.A.S.T.Y crew album.. N.A.S.T.Y by Nature which i think hits the street in November.. that album is fire!! Cop a copy quick

Any shout outs?

BIG UP THE GOLD SEAL PROJECT!! N all the Gold Seal recordings cru that have helped me get to where I am today.

Big up N.A.S.T.Y CREW, COMBINATION CAMP, Yo YO's!! RUFF SQWAD, UNORTHODOX, Hugo Blaze, Dj Lively, No One special, Big up Swiss, Professor green, The DJ ONE Samurai and DJ B the two biggest Dj's on road, Poisonous Poets, AKala for being positive n bringing some sense to the game, congrats on the mobo! all the people at the DMC, Live UK, LMHR (love music hate racism)

Big up all the struggling artists n all the succesful artists staying true to der roots.

Anything else you would like to tell us about?
Hell yeah check out my links people n tell me what u think of the trax!!!




N.A.S.T.Y. Crew
London, UK
N.A.S.T.Y. Crew have had a recent string of massive choons in the London Grime scene: "Run 4 Cover", "NASTY Gang Banger", and the latest "N.A.S.T.Y." on Ms. Dynamite's long awaited and finally released "A Little Darker" mixtape CD to name a few. Always bringing new influences and seemingly new members, N.A.S.T.Y. Crew has become a fixture in the Grime landscape.

SoulChampion’s G Notorious caught up with the crew to get the dirt on who they are, where they're from, and what to expect from them in the near future...

For those who don't know, N.A.S.T.Y is an acronym, what does it stand for?

Who are all of your members, where are they all from and what does each of them do for the crew?
Marcus Nasty is the founding member, he is also a DJ for the crew. DJ MAK 10 is a DJ for the crew, Black Jack is a producer, the Hitman Hypa, Sharky Major, Stormin, Armour Lightning, Nasty Jack, Griminal, Fazey 45, Lil Nasty, Kasimo, and Younga are the crew's MCs

We all come from east London except a few of us that come from west and south London.

What styles of music were you all into or involved in before and/or as well as Grime?
We are all into music full stop whether its rock, hip hop, new and old school all styles of music play a big part in the sound which N.A.S.T.Y. Crew bring to the table.

What new material and/or projects can we expect to see/hear from you in the future?
We are getting ready 2 shoot our next video as we talk, its called "N.A.S.T.Y. Gang Banga" aka "Girls Luv Nasty". The song has sold out on test press already and is ready 4 a larger scale release. It is on rotation on radio 1 xtra and DJs like Cameo, Logan Sama and Masterstepz are supporting it.

How do you see the recent major label interest in Grime effecting the scene? Do you see it as a positive or negative influence or both? Do you think the majors are ready to take Grime to the next level or are they just in it for the quick money before they move onto the "next big thing"?
We think it is a good thing for some people that the major labels want 2 signed grime acts it shows that we are marketable and our music is moving 4wrd. In all forms of music u will get positive and negative influences we are all human so we all have good and bad things happening in our lives. It just depends on what we feel like on the day when we are writing the lyrics. The labels are there 2 make money and what ever is selling is what they need 4 there business 2 make money but as the music gets more popular I see it becoming a music of longevity.

Along the same lines, what about the artists who come up through the scene but then release albums that are really more Hip-Hop than Grime? Do you think that's hurting the future of Grime itself or is it just as well that they grab success when they can?
I think that artists who come through the scene then make Hip-Hop music are entitled to make what ever music they feel they want 2 make. I will also say when there album flops it is because they 4 get why people like them in the first place.

Who outside of yourselves do you rate right now and who are your all time favorite artists?
In our scene I rate a lot of artists like Dizzy Rascal. He is doing big thingz. Nolay from Unorthadox, Ghetto, Roadside G.S., Scorcher, Bashy, Leathal is doin his thing, Dirty Goods, Kano, JME & Skepta, and a few others are doin big thingz 4 the scene DJs, like our own Mak 10, DJ Cameo, DJ Logan, Spiro, Ritchie Vibe Vee, DJ Q, Ace and Invisible, Dj Vectra are doin bigg thingz at the mo.
Black Jack, Davinche, Jiggalo, Terra Danja, Wiley, Footsie, Wafer, Low Deep, Dexplicit, Swiftee, Virgo, J Sweet, and Rossi B and Luca are making some big beats at the moment

You've recently recorded a tune with Ms. Dynamite for her forthcoming "A Little Darker" mixtape, how did that come about and what was it like working with Ms. Dynamite?
We got the link through a guy caled Jamie he's kina the link between the under ground and the mainstream. Work'n with ms Dynamite was not like work at all. Everything just clicked she is a nice person and a hard worka, so we had fun and by the time we turned round the song was done.

Are there other artists that you guys would like to work with in the future?
I dont really know, we would not mind doing a track with the Gorrilaz, Or Fundemental 03 they are hard workerz.

So keep your ear to the ground. Sounds like N.A.S.T.Y. Crew have their sight's set high... N.A.S.T.Y & Gorillaz collab? Sounds good to us!

Club/Grime/Dupstep Fridays

Thursday, October 11, 2007

UGK featuring Outkast-Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)




We’re still working on some things to satisfy that Thursday afterwork event hunger but, in the meantime I want y’all to support me and an organization I’m a part of next Thursday at Tonic. The organization is the Young Professional Alumni Group of the A Better Chance program, affectionately known as YPAG-ABC. And I as a former ABC student (Lower Merion H.S. in Ardmore, PA – Class of 94’) have to show support. Here’s the details:

Next Thursday

The 18th of October

Tonic – 727 7th Avenue bet. 48th and 49th

6:30 PM till

Mix, mingle and be merry…food, cash bar, music!!!

RSVP to me at

IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN…KEENAN’S ANNUAL BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA! Save the date! October 27th – I’m getting it in one more ‘gain! Last year over 500 people came out! I’m pushing for 700 this year! This is what I do! This is why I’m hot!

I’ll repeat, again…don’t make any plans for Saturday, October 27th because you’re birthday partying with none other than Keenan “Keeper Of The Rants & Raves” Davis. I’ll let y’all know where it goes down at next week.

Keenan “I’ma Buy Me A Bee-Yotch” Davis

Owner Mark Cuban Trades Stocks on Sharesleuth's Findings Before They're Published

Owner Mark Cuban Trades Stocks on Sharesleuth's Findings Before They're Published
By Patricia B. Gray 09.25.07 | 2:00 AM

"Newspapers have abandoned their mission," Carey says. "We've taken it on at Sharesleuth."
Photo: Michael Lewis It shouldn't have fallen to Chris Carey to notice that there was something suspicious about Xethanol. The company, which claimed it had a process to convert garbage into vast quantities of energy-rich ethanol, could have raised the eyebrows of any newspaper reporter. The company's original name — — didn't exactly augur a long-term commitment to energy. Xethanol's SEC filings showed that several of its major investors had previously been disciplined for fraudulent activities. The company's balance sheet was another red flag. In two years, Xethanol had spent just $239,651 on research and development, while its competitors were investing tens of millions annually.

But scan Xethanol's press coverage during the first half of 2006 and you'll find mostly glowing reports. Local newspapers and trade magazines repeated the company's claims that it would triple capacity at its plant in Blairstown, Iowa. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution plugged Xethanol's stated ability to wring ethanol from stale butterscotch candy. The Associated Press put a story out on the wires saying Xethanol planned to convert homeowners' grass clippings into auto fuel. All that press helped send Xethanol's shares soaring; its stock price grew almost fivefold in six months, despite the fact that its research scientist had never made more than a couple of liters of ethanol in the lab.

The Sharesleuth Effect
In its first year, the site posted investigations of two public companies. Four weeks after publication, Xethanol's stock had dropped 39 percent, and Utek's fell 36 percent.
Source: Yahoo Finance"The company was not on our radar because they were such a small producer," says Lynn Hicks, business editor of the Des Moines Register, the closest major newspaper to the Xethanol plant. "It's a New York company that happened to have a small plant in Iowa, which we didn't think was worth digging into based on our readers' interests."

So Carey did it for them. A former business reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, he spent months probing deep into the archives of federal and state agencies. He traveled to Hopkinton, Iowa, to take snapshots of one of Xethanol's plants, and to Delaware and Washington, DC, where he pored over corporate filings and regulatory documents.

On August 7, 2006, Carey posted his findings on his Web site, Frankly, his report does not make for scintillating reading. The writing is cornhusk-dry. (Sample: "He said in an SEC filing that the shares were contributed through a settlement among the shareholders of Xeminex.") The design is rudimentary, a long strip of black text against a stark white background, broken up only by the occasional photo. And at 6,000 words (more than twice the length of this article), the piece could tax the attention span of even the most dedicated stock watcher.

But the exposé torpedoed Xethanol. On the day Carey posted it, online financial message boards lit up with links to the story, and by the next day the company's stock had dropped 14 percent. Three months later, share prices had fallen from $6.91 to $2.90, erasing some $100 million in shareholder value. Lawyers pounced, filing no less than eight class-action shareholder lawsuits in federal courts against the company. Louis Bernstein, Xethanol's CEO during those turbulent months in the fall of 2006, says he spent most of his time managing the fallout from Sharesleuth. "I was constantly defending the company to shareholders, brokers, and analysts," he says. "For three months, it took up most of my day." (Bernstein resigned in November 2006, and current executives at the company declined to be interviewed.)

Since the Xethanol takedown, Sharesleuth has become required reading for a small but influential cadre of securities analysts, stockbrokers, money managers, and journalists. In the week after posting a scoop, Carey says, the site typically draws upwards of 40,000 unique viewers a day. "Sharesleuth provides some of the checks and balances that are missing in the market these days," explains Yolanda Holtzee, a money manager in Seattle who says she follows the site. "Companies can — and do — hire promoters to boost their stocks all the time, but there are fewer and fewer journalists and regulators who dig deep to find out if these companies are delivering on all their promises."

Sharesleuth is still more of a hobby than a profit center for Cuban. But future plans include hiring additional researchers and a videographer.
Photo: Michael Lewis"That's the power of investigative journalism on the Internet," Carey says. "Newspapers have abandoned their mission, and we've taken it on at Sharesleuth."

But don't expect reporters to thank Carey. In old media circles, Sharesleuth is considered just as compromised as the companies it covers. The beef: Sharesleuth is funded by Mark Cuban, the infamous founder and Dallas Mavericks owner. Cuban finances the site by shorting the stocks of the companies Carey investigates in his stories. And Cuban trades before Carey publishes. (Short sellers are betting a stock will fall; they borrow the stock from a broker and sell it, with the promise to buy the stock later — hopefully, at a lower price — and return it to the broker.) Carey and Cuban disclose the financing technique on the site, but that hasn't stemmed the criticism. On his blog, The New York Times' Andrew Ross Sorkin dubbed the strategy "about as basic an ethical violation as there can be, whether that stake is disclosed or not." Blogger Gary Weiss, a former BusinessWeek reporter, accuses Cuban of "soiling investigative journalism to line his pockets." Fred Brown, vice chair of the ethics committee of the Society of Professional Journalists, a trade group, warns that "Mr. Cuban is eating the fruit of the poison tree."

Mr. Know-It-All: Sex-Offender Witch Hunt, Facebook Fibs, Radio-Tagged Deer

Tech Biz : People
Mr. Know-It-All: Sex-Offender Witch Hunt, Facebook Fibs, Radio-Tagged Deer
By Brendan I. Koerner 09.25.07 | 2:00 AM

Illustration: Christoph Niemann Start
Previous: The SeekTech SR-20 Finds Buried Objects Before You Dig
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I was recently browsing my state's online registry of sex offenders and discovered that one such ex-con lives on my block — a block with many young children, including my own. Should I tell my neighbors?

Take a deep breath before you and your angry mob of neighbors waste hours trying to find the torches/pitchforks/nooses aisle at Home Depot. You at least want to find out the specifics, if you can — some states publish details of the crime and some don't. "A serial child molester may be listed on the same registry as someone convicted of indecent exposure for urinating in public," says Karen Terry, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and author of Sexual Offenses and Offenders.

Spreading the word could also have unintended consequences. People made to feel like pariahs are more likely to reoffend. "One of the most important factors relating to a sex offender's recidivism is high levels of stress and pressure," says Richard Tewksbury, a professor of justice administration at the University of Louisville.

Now, if you really can't sleep at night without spilling the beans, tread lightly. No need to call a neighborhood-watch meeting — some casual conversation over the back fence is a more reasonable approach. And lastly, a little perspective: Less than 10 percent of sexual attacks on children are committed by strangers; the rest are perpetrated by people the victim already knows, particularly relatives. That said, you probably don't want your kids playing at the perp's house unattended.

Is it OK to fib a little on my social-network profile?
Facebook and MySpace pages certainly aren't résumés, but these days plenty of companies comb social-networking sites when vetting potential employees. In one University of Dayton survey of employers, 40 percent of respondents said they'd consider Facebook data when making hiring decisions. So while social- network lies might not immediately cost you a job, they could come back to haunt you. "We don't know how long the information you post today will remain on the Web," says Susan Barnes, associate director of the Lab for Social Computing at the Rochester Institute of Technology. "Once information is out there, it's really difficult to erase." Imagine how bummed you'll be if, 15 years hence, you get passed over for a job because someone unearths a fudged profile from 2007 (linked to those pictures from Mardi Gras where you're, let's say, underdressed).

Not every fib is equally perilous. It's one thing to say your favorite movie is The 400 Blows when it's really Meatballs Part II, and quite another to lie about your education or job history. Lying about your tastes may not be ethical, but it's also less likely to cause you future agony — unless you start dating a Truffaut aficionado you met through Facebook. Although we don't recommend that in any case.

Illustration: Christoph NiemannI feel sad when I see pictures of animals tagged with radio transmitters. How do we know these devices don't cause pain?
Not one bear, deer, or lemur would respond to our interview requests, so there's no way to be certain that they're cool with wearing radio collars. But researchers have every reason to make their subjects as comfortable as possible. "It's of paramount importance that the tag does not produce abnormal behavior," says Alejandro Purgue, a scientist with the Bioacoustics Research Program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. If the transmitters caused animals to act strangely or made them easier targets for predators, what would be the point?

Researchers test tracking hardware on captive animals to ensure that it doesn't alter behavior. The devices are constructed from materials that don't irritate skin, and they're made as light as possible — the ones used on dozens of bat species worldwide, for example, weigh a measly 0.5 gram. The trickiest part comes when scientists need to swap out a dead transmitter, a process that requires a dose of anesthesia. But such hardware changes are less frequent nowadays, thanks to improved battery technology. That's good news for researchers, too — especially those who deal with the surlier members of the animal kingdom.

Madonna makes a move and loses her virginity again

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Madonna intends to sign a $120 million recording and touring deal with live entertainment promoter Live Nation Inc. and leave her longtime record label at Warner Music Group Corp., a person familiar with the contract negotiations said Wednesday.

Madonna is expected to sign a recording deal with entertainment producer Live Nation.

The pop superstar's management informed Warner last week that she would accept Live Nation's offer after the record company refused to match the deal, said the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the confidential nature of the matter.

Under terms of the proposed deal, Madonna, 49, would receive a signing bonus of about $18 million and a roughly $17 million advance for each of three albums, the person said. A portion of the compensation would involve stock, the person said.

Madonna could also benefit significantly from the touring component of the deal, which gives Live Nation the exclusive right to promote her tours, the person said.

In a bid to compete with the Live Nation offer, Warner pursued a possible partnership with ticket retailer Ticketmaster, a unit of IAC/InterActiveCorp, that would have enabled the record company to offer a spectrum of touring services to Madonna, the person said.

Warner Music and Live Nation declined to comment. A call to Madonna's publicist was not immediately returned.

The proposed 10-year agreement would give Live Nation the rights to sell Madonna merchandise and license her name, and any revenue from such products would be split between the singer and the company, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing unnamed people familiar with the deal.

Live Nation also would have to pay $50 million in cash and stock to promote Madonna's tours, according to the Journal, which broke news of the deal on its Web site Wednesday afternoon.

The agreement would be in line with similar deals other artists have struck with labels in recent years that give record companies a stake in their artists beyond the sale of recordings.

Live Nation, which promotes and produces music shows, theatrical performances and other live events worldwide, has been looking to expand beyond its core businesses to offer artists services such as direct merchandising and exclusive ticket sales. Its Artist Nation division sells tickets and artist merchandise online.

Warner has also set out to strike deals with artists and other music industry players in a bid to garner a share of revenue from other segments of the music industry, such as merchandising and touring. Those segments are faring better than recorded music sales.

Madonna first signed with Warner Music Group subsidiary Warner Bros. Records in 1984. Her last contract with the New York-based company calls for her to deliver one more studio album, expected next year, and a greatest hits record.

The singer has been among Warner Music's best-selling artists for years and arguably remains pop music royalty. Losing the rights to release her new recordings could prove to be a significant blow to the company's bottom line.

Warner, however, retains the rights to sell and license her catalog of hits such as "Like a Virgin" and "Music."

Warner shares rose 11 cents to $11.29 Wednesday. Shares of Live Nation fell 32 cents, or 1.4 percent, to $23.36, then gained 64 cents in after-hours trading

DJ Qbert Spiderman Battle


DJ QBert - Emergency Scratcher

DJ Qbert in Paris - Turntable Drummer

Dj Q bert drumming

Dj babu scratch routine us finals 1995

DJ Babu

DJ Babu Reason Demo part 2

Namm Show: Reason 4.0 Synth Sneak Peak (THOR)

Propellerheads Reason Song Tutorial - make a track in 20min!

Reason 3: Hip-hop tutorials (part 2)

Rap Beats Hip Hop Instrumentals Making A Beat Video

how to make money without a record deal?

Ask Prince, RadioHead and Madonna?

Now, how do indie musicians obtain the same success without a label?


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rich Boy: Rocawear I Will Not Lose Campaign 07

Boys Noize @ Hultsfred 07

I Robots - Frau (Boys Noize Remix)


Technically, the Fabriclive mix is just fine, for those who care about such things: Reasonable if not totally perfect beat-matching, occasional tempo shifts handled by the convenient tactic of switching to an a cappella. A segue between G.Q.'s 1980 album track "Lies" and Mudd's 2004 "Adventures in Bricket Wood" is so smooth it just sounds like the bassist has switched to a different riff. But the point of this set isn't its precision as much as its heady overall flow and crate-digging-- virtually every track here is somewhere between "nice dollar-bin find" and "what the hell is that?" The closest Murphy and Mahoney come to a disco standard is a 90-second snatch of Was (Not Was)'s "Tell Me That I'm Dreaming", and they work in oddities like Jackson Jones' "I Feel Good Put Your Pants On" as if they were club classics. In the context of the mix, Punkin' Machine's "I Need You Tonight" sounds for all the world like a new DFA record; it turns out to be a Canadian obscurity from 1981.


LCD Soundsystem / James Murphy & Pat Mahoney
A Bunch of Stuff EP / Fabriclive 36
[Fabric; DFA/Capitol; 2007]
Rating: 7.1 / 7.6
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It's no secret that LCD Soundsystem's frontman James Murphy has a sweet spot in his tastes: The moment when post-punk and disco were carrying on their clandestine affair, roughly 1979-1982. The records he loves most have aged better than most of the dance music that came before or after them, because what their creators cared most about was freshness of sound; they abjured synth presets, classic drum sounds, received-wisdom arrangements, overfamiliar ways of singing. It's a little odd, then, that so much of what LCD does best involves recapitulating the ideas of music recorded 25 years ago or more.

The best track on their iTunes-only A Bunch of Stuff EP-- six tracks, 49 minutes, all versions of songs from Sound of Silver-- doesn't sound much like LCD Soundsystem. That's because it isn't: It's a cover of "All My Friends" performed by Franz Ferdinand, and recast in a full-on dance-rock arrangement that keeps racheting into higher and higher gears. The Sound of Silver version hews closely to its sources (especially New Order's "Ceremony"); Franz Ferdinand's radically different arrangement gets around the question of quotation and paraphrase, leaving only a grand evocation of the post-punk chill. (John Cale's version of the same song, released at the same time in the UK, has shown up over here on yet another digital-only EP.) The other highlight is at the close of the EP: a galloping live-on-the-radio reprise of "Us v Them", played by LCD's spectacularly tight and forceful (and under-documented) onstage incarnation.

Between them, there's a quartet of remixes, none of which are quite as good as their Silver sources, but a couple of which are noteworthy anyway. The "c2 Remix Rev.3" of "Sound of Silver" is ambiguously labeled, but turns out to be a spacious, drone-based mix by Detroit techno master Carl Craig. And Soulwax's 10-minute remix of "Get Innocuous" is a jittery, slow-building jam that spotlights the analog sequencers and drum machines of Murphy's favorite era. (As an elbow to the ribs, it even quotes Kraftwerk's "Trans-Europe Express".)

LCD's love for that period continues on a Fabriclive mix CD credited to Murphy and the band's superhuman live drummer Pat Mahoney. The records in their crate (the mix is apparently all vinyl-based) aren't entirely from that sweet spot-- they drop in some ringers from Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy's DFA label (LCD's own "Hippie Priest Bum-Out" and Still Going's new "Still Going Theme"), as well as Daniel Wang's 1993 "Like Some Dream (I Can't Stop Dreaming)". Still, it mostly sticks to the sort of songs about desire and dancing you might have heard at a particularly cutting-edge club during Margaret Thatcher's first term. If they don't get in much of the underground rock that's the other half of their roots, they make up for it by beginning and ending with tracks from Love of Life Orchestra's 1980 album Extended Niceties-- David Byrne's rhythm guitar on "Beginning of the Heartbreak" sounds a bit like Al Doyle's on A Bunch of Stuff's version of "Us v Them", actually.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Edgar Allen Floe Finishing "Floe Almighty: The Remixture"; Baby Complete.
HipHopSite would like to congratulate Edgar Allen Floe of the Justus League on the birth of his new baby girl ILORI SIMONE SAMS born on September 13th 2007. In related news, Floe will be releasing a remixed version of his critically acclaimed mixtape Floe Almighty in November. 13 exclusive remixes of the original Floe Almighty project released in 2006. The Remixture features two bonus tracks: "Off and On" and "On Schedule" both produced by Khrysis (Sean Price, Boot Camp Clik, Masta Ace, Jean Grae, Ness). This prelude to the much anticipated Streetwise LP features exclusive production by 9th Wonder, (Little Brother, Destiny’s Child, Jay-Z), Khrysis, Blunt (Big Noyd, Ed OG, Trife Da God) and Slicemysta (EA Floe’s alter ego). EA Floe releases The Remixture via his own MCEO Records imprint. Floe Almighty: The Remixture will be available Tuesday November 13, 2007. - Christopher Mitchell


Woman Loses File-Sharing Court Battle; Must Pay $222,000
The record industry's new hustle? Suing the fans! 30 year old Minnesota woman, Jammie Thomas was ordered to pay fines of $222,000, after being found guilty for illegally sharing copywritten music files via Kazaa software. In the first case of it's kind, representatives from each Sony BMG, Arista Records, Interscope, UMG Recordings, Capitol Records and Warner Bros Records, alleged that Thomas, under the name "tereastarr" had used the Kazaa file-sharing software to share 1,702 songs illegally. While Thomas pleaded not guilty to the charges, saying she had never had an account with Kazaa, an internet security firm had proved otherwise. The court ordered her to pay $9,250 for each of 24 specific songs focused in on the case, for a total of $222,000 in damages. Since 2003, record companies have filed 26,000 lawsuits against illegal file-sharing, with many of the accused settling for a few thousand dollars. - Pizzo


Live: Ed Banger At The FADER/Boosted Hidden Detour Party

This week may go down in history as the time when the Ed Banger crew destroyed Los Angeles like they were wilding out on Monster Island. To start the slamathon off, the team of Busy P, DJ Mehdi, So Me and Kavinsky (who we now refer to as "The Instigator") slayed the second night of our Hidden Detour parties—brought to the world with the help of Boosted, Vestal and Active. Playing their songs, other people's songs and mind control frequencies designed to make kids go nuts, the Ed Bangers had people bouncing off the walls. (LA is so stoked for Ed Banger that there were even die hards who showed up at 6:30 to make sure they got in. We hadn't even fed our dog by then.) Hanging out on stage with them were Mikey Rocks from Cool Kids, Midnight Juggernauts and eventually a bunch of yahoos who wanted to scream the chorus of "We Are Your Friends" into their faces. What a party.


Food for Thought: (People 1972)
* “The Grunt”
2 Live Crew’s “Drop the Bomb”
Another Bad Creation’s “Iesha”
Bomb the Bass’s “Beat Dis”
Brothers Like Outlaw’s “System Booms”
Chubb Rock’s “The One”
Compton's Most Wanted’s “The Final Chapter”
DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “The Girlie Had a Mustache”
DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Who Stole My Car?”
Eric B and Rakim’s “I Know You Got Soul”
Erick Sermon’s “The Payback II”
Freestylers’s “ Ruffneck”
Joe Public’s “Live and Learn”
Jungle Brothers’s “U Make Me Sweat”
Karyn White’s “Walkin' the Dog”
MC Shan’s “Juice Crew Law”
Missjones’s “Where I Wanna Be Boy”
Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Soul Brother #1”
Pharcyde’s “Officer”
Poison Clan’s “Flaugin'”
Public Enemy’s “Night of the Living Baseheads”
Public Enemy’s “Rebel Without a Pause”
Public Enemy’s “Terminator X to the Edge of Panic”
Renegade Soundwave’s “Ozone Breakdown”
Rondo & Crazy Rak’s “Born to Die”
Roxanne Shante’s “Have a Nice Day”
Salt-N-Pepa’s “Break of Dawn”
Smooth Ice’s “I'm Coming”
Steady B’s “Hustler Mac”
Terminator X’s “Vendetta. . . the Big Getback”
Ultramagnetic MCs’s “Ease Back”
Ultramagnetic MCs’s “Give the Drummer Some”
Wu-Tang Clan’s “Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)”
Y'All So Stupid’s “Van Full of Pakistans”
* “Pass the Peas”
De la Soul’s “Pass the Plugs”
Eric B and Rakim’s “I Ain't No Joke”
Eric B and Rakim’s “Move the Crowd”
Funkmaster Flex ft Buckshot’s “I Ain't No Joke”
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s “On the Strength”
Heavy D’s “The Overweight Lovers in the House”
Kid 'N Play’s “Do the Kid 'N Play Kick Step”
Mr. Lee’s “Pump That Body”
Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “One in a Million”
Pharcyde’s “I'm That Type of Nigga”
Shante’s “Have a Nice Day”
Souls of Mischief’s “What a Way to Go Out”
Stezo’s “Talking Sense”
Stop the Violence Movement’s “Self-Destruction”
Tyree’s “Move Your Body”
* “Gimme Some More”
Big Daddy Kane’s “Wrath of Kane”
Compton's Most Wanted’s “The Final Chapter”
GangStarr’s “Much too Much (Mack a Mil)”
Jaz’s “Put the Squeeze on 'Em”
Kool Moe Dee’s “The Don”
LL Cool J’s “It Gets No Rougher”
Nice & Smooth’s “Doin' our own Thang”
Public Enemy’s “Cold Lampin' with Flavor”
Public Enemy’s “Power to the People”
Stetsasonic’s “Miami Bass”
Stezo’s “Talking Sense”
UTFO’s “Bits and Pieces”
* “Hot Pants Road”
Eric B and Rakim’s “Move the Crowd”
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s “On the Strength”
Heavy D’s “The Overweight Lovers in the House”
Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power”
Roxanne Shante’s “Have a Nice Day”
Two Kings in a Cipher’s “Kemit-Cal Reaction”
* “JB Shout”
Fu-Schnickens’s “Props”
* “To My Brother” (same as "My Brother" single)
Schoolly D’s “It's Like Dope”
* “These are the JB's”
Caveman’s “Pages & Pages”