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Real Name: Jamie Rutter
Age: 22
Location: London (dirty South)
Affiliations: All the Gold Seal Camp, Wretch 32, N.A.S.T.Y JACK, Skillioso, NU World, Levy, Shados, Scarrs, Hugo Blaze,
Residencies: No residencies really, I like to roam, but gig loads n am booking my second UK tour right now!! Nearest man has to a residency is Yo Yo's @ Notting Hill Arts club, going back der to head line for the 3rd time November 23rd!!

Where are you from?
Roehampton, SW15 baby - Jamaican / English parents How long have you been MCing, what got you started, and where do you see yourself going with it from here? I been MC'ing forever man, 7/8
years started off spitting to Jungle then moved on to the UK Garage / 4x4 scene where man tore it up on Supreme FM and Delight FM alongside tha milky mans, So Solid crew n all the originators of
this scene. How did I start?? Well time's were deep when i was a yout n didnt really have much presents but my mum had a little tape recorder and taught me to write at a young age so i used to record my voice and play it back, then i started writing stories to record, then that moved on to writing bars 2 music n recording them. All progressed from there really, when i first heard Jungle
it blew my mind and that is when I knew I would be an MC.

What styles of music do you MC to?
Any god damn thing. Hip Hop , Grime, 4x4, Jungle, rock even.. if it has a beat I will merk it, no long.

What draws you to UKG/Grime?
Originally it was the music that we all vibed to 4x4/UKG was huge when I was a teenager we would tour the youth clubs n just jump on the mic, the fire n hype when spitting to garage was addictive n I
used to love seeing peeps sharing tapes they had recorded off radio with my bars on them. Gotta say that the modern Grime is not so much to my taste but then again every so often producers come along an surprise me with a sick riddim. I'm feeling Skillioso's stuff, P Jam, Dexplicit, Chunky Bizzle, Scorcher's stuff is messy, my nigga Scarrs, my boy Black Jack is killing it at the moment as well but a lot of the simple, techy stuff, well man just cant vibe off that.

Do you produce as well as MCing?
LOLOLOL not in the modern use of the word, but if u mean working with the beat maker to arrange my vocals n stuff, coming up with ideas for layering my vox n sheit, u know the more traditional type of production, well thats me, I see it not as spitting bars when we are recording but we making a song so the more input I have the happier I'll be with product. Spraying bars is for radio man... that's me right der.

What do you bring that's unique to MCing?
I have all the arrows in my bow, some MCs have a sick flow but weak bars, others weak flow messy bars, me i bring both together n I can merk any tempo as well, 50bpm right the way thru to 190 bpm... Also man likes to write stories, my tunes are all based around a concept and are thought thru.

Where do you see this music going?
My music - I see it going all the way I want have tracks on soundtracks, in computer games, compilations, i wanna tour the world gigging, i wanna be interviewed, i wanna be on covers man but most of all i want people to really feel my music, to make albums that people will still listen to in 10, 14 fuck it 100 years. Look at 2 Pac, Biggie, Wu, all dem cats, peeps still bump n buy there
stuff n still will be for decades to come. I wanna be a legend n I wanna tell my story n the story of the peeps around me.

Tell us about some of the bigger events you've MCed at.
Well I did performed on the whole DMC uk tour which was mad, we did a dozen cities across the UK

Who do you work with?
Rah, everyone who feels my shit.. seriously wanna get this out the way first, i run my own label n do all my own stuff with a team I have known for years, I am approachable n will jump on a track with
anyone who's stuff im feeling.. so any you US artists out there holla @ me on myspace for real. But so far I have worked with artists like BIG Narstie, Loudmouth, Low key, milky mans, N.A.S.T.Y CREW, Tinchy Stryder (Ruff Sqwad), wretch n scorcher form combination camp, Nolay n Silva B from Unorthodox, Asher D, Crispy. On the producer front I have worked with Skillioso, Hugo Blaze, Black jack, Dj Lively, NWP productions, No one Special, Body Damage.. again bare mans. I'm a
collaborated for real

I hear you have a big Black Jack Grime remix of your "Different World" coming out soon. Who's on that and what else should we know about it?
Well, who aint on that more like :) Line up in order as we appear is Wretch 32, me, N.A.S.T.Y JACK, MC NOLAY, TINCHY STRYDER AND SCORCHER. Black Jack is on the buttons of course alongside my DJ and producer Hugo Blaze.

Basically the concept of the track is "Different World", each MC is spitting about their individual different world and my idea for the track was to bring some unity to this scene, you have all your east camp working together on their boy better know movement, all the south mans doing their thing, in West you got renegade Boys n Unorthodox and in North London you got north star n combination camp. I thought it was time that all these different camps got together n did a track. So u got me n Nolay repping South, N.A.S.T.Y JACK repping West, Combination repping North and Tinchy n the Ruff Sqwad boys repping East. Its one of the big things holding the UK urban scene back is the in fighting n hating, if we all unite for the music and worked together then we can push the scene international.

Oh yeah and the video is being shot next week, so watch this space for some exclusive behind the scenes!!!

Did you actually go into the studio with all of those people? What was it like working with all of them?
I didn't record with Nolay or Scorcher but all the others I was there, they were all bless, you hear a lot of road talk about different MCs but come down to it they were all safe, professional and did sick takes. You can see some behind the scene pics @ the different world myspace!! i have also already recorded the first scene of the video for this remix with Wretch, basically we took over a glamour model shoot for the evening.. was mad, take 2 MCs, one mansion, 3 supercars and 4 glamour models = messssssyyyyy video (laughs)

And other projects/releases/collaborations we should look out for?
Well "Different World" will come out both the Hip-Hop n Grime versions in early november, nationwide release date TBC. My mixtape will be hitting streets early next year and will have a
whole bag of features on it, both Hip Hop and Grime, might even be a couple of 4x4 bonus bits on der as well. I will also be on the Gold Seal presents album, that is my label and basically that will be a concept album with the best of british across all genres on there. Very sick project. Look out for that. Im also on the N.A.S.T.Y crew album.. N.A.S.T.Y by Nature which i think hits the street in November.. that album is fire!! Cop a copy quick

Any shout outs?

BIG UP THE GOLD SEAL PROJECT!! N all the Gold Seal recordings cru that have helped me get to where I am today.

Big up N.A.S.T.Y CREW, COMBINATION CAMP, Yo YO's!! RUFF SQWAD, UNORTHODOX, Hugo Blaze, Dj Lively, No One special, Big up Swiss, Professor green, The DJ ONE Samurai and DJ B the two biggest Dj's on road, Poisonous Poets, AKala for being positive n bringing some sense to the game, congrats on the mobo! all the people at the DMC, Live UK, LMHR (love music hate racism)

Big up all the struggling artists n all the succesful artists staying true to der roots.

Anything else you would like to tell us about?
Hell yeah check out my links people n tell me what u think of the trax!!!



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