Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Animal Collective

NPR did nothing but put us to sleep as kids, but they are killing it these days, what with Day to Day and Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me. Oh, and this stream of last Friday's Animal Collective show at the 930 Club in DC. They have photos and the setlist over there too, but we're just happy the stream is of better quality than the sound at Webster Hall where we saw them on Sunday night. Avey's been catching a little internet hell for ending "Fireworks" early at that show, but for real, have any of you tried to harmonize with your own resampled voice in a bass cave before? Have a little patience. Plus, the rest of it was outstanding, especially if you stop comparing it to your expectations and remember the scattered rager dudes screaming along to "Peacebone" and the fact that this is what these dudes always do. Also, we are not going to complain about the sneak peaks of the new techno jams that will probably be on the next album. Anyway, you're good in our book, Animals. Especially Deakin, who unknowingly taught us how to dance to this shit.

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