Friday, October 19, 2007



Jeffrey Woodward
In the game since 1978, Mr. Jeffrey Woodward has established himself as not only Detroit's original Don of UK Garage, but also one of many dj's across the United States to champion this sound to the masses who are open minded about hearing something new. Mr. Woodward is one of a handful of Detroiters to be involved in music as a fan, record store employee (Buy-Rite Music/1988-1997; The Dance Zone @ Melodies & Memories/1997-2000), and DJ. In 1996, Mr. Woodward was the first Detroit DJ to spin UKG on an exclusive basis at downtown Detroit's legendary Club 246. That year, he founded The Detroit Housing Commission. His reason? " I decided to pull a 360 away from all of the other Club 246 DJ's who had to fight to break the "hottest" records (which, ironically, he sold to them). "Don't get me wrong: I love house music, but I kept hearing the same predictability that's still being heard in the clubs today. I then knew that Detroit was ready for something different."

CONTACTAfter 246 closed in November,1988, Mr. Woodward found more opportunities to bring the UKG sound to even more people. First, he was hired at Lush in 1999 as the Co-Resident DJ on Saturdays. At the same time, he found his biggest success when he joined the dubTech underground cartel. His epic Speed Garage battles with fellow dubTech members CDX, and Whistle Boi gave new meaning to the phrase "tear the roof off!" Jeffrey has played alongside DJ greats such as Terrence Parker, Paul Johnson, Boo Williams, and DJ Assault, just to name a few. The music he played at raves ended up as even bigger hits at Lush, and the masses knew that when he played, they weren't going hear the "same ol, same ol" that others were playing every week.

Recently, Mr. Woodward has become the newest member of Chicago's Brut Force Productions, one of the Midwest's pioneers of the UKG sound. 2005 will see Mr. Woodward come back with even more tricks up his sleeve, some new reloads for the fans, and haterade for the doubters. As a famous man once said.......... you can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him

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