Friday, October 12, 2007

DEV 7-9

in the club.
On the live side of things, dev79's lack of attention span and energetic performances clash to form a punk brashness full of style and a lack of grace. Taking nods from dancehall, hip-hop, and electronic forms of mixing, dev79 hacks n' blends his way through a barrage of tracks keeping the dancefloor raw n' sweaty throughout philadelphia and beyond.

in the studio.
After rockin' noise hop and glitched out dub for a few years, which left behind a couple notorious underground records (7" single ellipsis on sonicterror records and 12" ep distinct stance on zenapolae records) and a slew of compilation appearances, dev79 moved onto making more vocal oriented hip hop and dancehall tracks yet still with his signature off kilter edge.

He then developed an infatuation with the UK Grime sound and has been producing Grime tracks which is growing to represent a large portion of his output. In addition to raw ghetto club bangers. look out for a slew of hot n nasty tracks dropping soon.

dev79 reps the seclusiasis crew outta Philadelphia... seclusiasis run a slew of club nights across the city (including 'get in' -the u.s. first Grime focused party), in addition to a monthly radio show, an apparel line, and much more. additionally he is a co-owner in slit jockey records, u.s. first Grime label.

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