Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Technically, the Fabriclive mix is just fine, for those who care about such things: Reasonable if not totally perfect beat-matching, occasional tempo shifts handled by the convenient tactic of switching to an a cappella. A segue between G.Q.'s 1980 album track "Lies" and Mudd's 2004 "Adventures in Bricket Wood" is so smooth it just sounds like the bassist has switched to a different riff. But the point of this set isn't its precision as much as its heady overall flow and crate-digging-- virtually every track here is somewhere between "nice dollar-bin find" and "what the hell is that?" The closest Murphy and Mahoney come to a disco standard is a 90-second snatch of Was (Not Was)'s "Tell Me That I'm Dreaming", and they work in oddities like Jackson Jones' "I Feel Good Put Your Pants On" as if they were club classics. In the context of the mix, Punkin' Machine's "I Need You Tonight" sounds for all the world like a new DFA record; it turns out to be a Canadian obscurity from 1981.

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