Friday, October 5, 2007

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BASSIC - No frills BASS and vibes on a Boston Wednesday night. NEW

The question has loomed over Boston like the ceiling tiles in a Big Dig tunnel. When was a real Dubstep night gonna drop on Boston? I know I'd thought about trying it myself but due to lack of time and other commitments, it never happened. Sure, there are other notable places where the sound can be heard around town. Leggo Dub at the Middlesex (is this still going?), Beat Resarch at The Enormous Room, Jam-2's Operation Underground and various one-off appearances here and there but when would there be a night dedicated solely to the rumbling subterranean UK sounds of Dubstep?

On Wednesday, June 26th this question was finally met with a definitve answer! Dabu of the Soundbox crew that hosts Friday nights at the Solstice cafe brought us the first monthly installment of BASSIC at Good Life! Quite an impressive turnout for a Wednesday night downtown. The room was full of happy, moving, and curious people. Dabu himself brought pure dubstep while guest Jam-2 mixed it up with other UKG and Grime flavors to a very receptive crowd. The most curious aspect of the evening for me was the sheer number of people sporting "BASSIC" t-shirts. More even than people repping ELEMENTS. Odd for an event on it's first night but added an extra element of exclusivity. Looking forward to this month's installment featuring the "original fungalist" and Heavy Pressure head, Moldy alongside label artist Grapes and Dabu and Damian as a duo called dBase.

Bassic, third wednesdays at Good Life, 28 Kingston St., Boston, MA 02111

Photos: Professor Pious

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