Friday, October 19, 2007


damn, Damn, DAMN!!! What is wrong with you people? I can’t take it anymore! Y’all about 2 seconds from making me ashamed of my skin and seeing if it will wash off! OJ & Michael Jackson are old news so, I won’t even bring that up but, then we had Michael Vick. And that’s been a couple months now so, I was never gonna talk about it. And now we have TI. I couldn’t believe it. You’re a rapper who crossed over and you actually got endorsement deals through Chevy and ESPN bumping your song! Is it really that serious, my dude? For those who don’t know, TI was arrested over the weekend for attempting to purchase machine guns and silencers from an undercover agent. Machine guns AND silencers??? Are you serious?

And how in God’s name are you gonna let it get back to you? I know, you use your bodyguard, that’s how! No one would ever think that it’s TI if his bodyguard is the one who’s buying it! Genius!!! And reports are saying that the bodyguard was wearing a wire! What is wrong with you dudes? One of the 1st rules is do dirt all by yourself so, you the only one to blame if you get caught! Times have changed! Nowadays if one of y’all get bagged, everyone gets bagged. I remember playing team hide and go seek as a kid and my boy would get caught 10 feet from where I was. If he had the nerve, to turn around and be like “Come out Keenan, they got us!”, I would’ve whipped his @ss! No, they don’t got us, they got you! I’m still hiding in the bushes. But, not now! You see how quickly Mike Vick’s own cousins flipped on him! What you think your bodyguard gonna do when you know you probably only paying him minimum wage and groupie love and the feds looking to give him a bid? And yes, I said feds! TI got bagged by the ATF. That’s Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms people. In other words, that’s TI’s @ss!!! It wasn’t no beat cop, they set up a sting and hooked a big fish! I don’t get it! What’s wrong y’all? I would say us but, I’m no longer affiliated with all of you! There needs to be a division. Black people get money and purchase homes, open businesses, invest in the market. Nikkas get money and make it rain, blow it on depreciating items like chains, rims and kicks while thinking they above the law and can’t leave the streets alone. I’m from the hood too but, you best believe that I’m only going back to visit friends, family and help the next dude leave it also. Why is a grown @ss man fronting like he got something to prove. TI take that money you spent on illegal weapons (as a convicted felon) and hire some real security who have licenses to carry all that firepower. Who are you riding on? You’re famous! Is your beef with Lil’ Flip and Ludacris that serious? I hate nikkas! Y’all are dumb! Take your money, bone some white women and travel! I think Lil’ Bow Wow put it best when he said: “I ain’t gotta act hard, I’m under 21 with a black card” Y’all might wanna listen to that little fella, he ain’t taking his beef with Romeo to the streets!!!

It’s almost here people! The greatest birthday party event that happens every October!


This year, it’s next Saturday, the 27th at Sequoia on The South Street Seaport. 2 Floors, 1000 person capacity, On the water, DJ Kaos on the wheels! What more can I say! How about that I’m celebrating with Margaret Anadu, Raven O’Neal, Hank Simmons, Jennise Hall, Kenny Depeyster and Brent Haynes! Pier 17 Building, 2nd Floor at the South Street Seaport – at Fulton Street & East River. We had over 500 people last year. I already know that we’re past that! Hit me if you didn’t get the evite!

And if you’re looking for something to get into tonight now that Single In Gotham City is no more. Come out to Tonic (727 Seventh Ave bet. 48th and 49th) as the NY Metro Alumni Advisory Council for A Better Chance (ABC) hosts “An Afterwork Extravaganza” starting at 6:30. No cover so, come on down and support the organization that laid the educational foundation for many minority New York City youth including yours truly! How do you think I wound up going to the number one school in the county for entrepreneurship!!!

Keenan “Love Black People, Hate Nikkas” Davis

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