Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Morrissey Residency

Monday night Morrissey began his "lifelong residency at the Hollywood Palladium," which in fact is currently only scheduled for ten nights, but maybe dude knows something about the future that we don't. With his backing band outfitted in green T-shirts with a Morrisey 101 logo (a reference to the Hollywood Freeway, not an introductory college course), he charmed the crowd with banter that was part grateful host and part dastardly bastard. The set leaned heavily towards his solo material, but as expected, Smiths tunes "Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before" and "How Soon Is Now?" elicited the biggest responses of the night from the adoring crowd. (Incidentally, Mark Ronson is playing in LA on Wednesday, one of Morrissey's nights off, so Daniel Merriweather better get that soul patch looking right if we wants to keep his job.) Still, recent singles "First of the Gang to Die" and "You Have Killed Me" were nearly as well received as the Smiths classics, as was "Dear God, Please Help Me," with its line about the explosive kegs between his legs. Early in the show a fan broke through security and made it to the stage, managing to stick her tongue in Morrissey's mouth. It looked like she was wearing a leopard-print swimsuit, but may have been a really short dress. It happened really fast.

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