Friday, October 12, 2007


OGK, or the Organized Grime Kartel is a Grime production crew based in New York City. Their main backbone consists of T-Nato and B-Breaks...

T-Nato was born in London in the early 80’s to an Italian family. After a childhood going back and forth from Italy to South London, T-Nato grew up constantly on the move. After finishing his education at College in the East of England to persue a Graphic Design career, T-Nato moved to East London after the millennium and fell in Love with music. Luckly at the same time Grime was being born from the Garage scene.

OFFSITE CONTACTWiley then Dizzee had blown up. T-Nato, by then, had already started producing his own sound, a mix of DrumnBass, Hip-Hop, and Trip-Hop. Being surrounded by UK urban/street music, Grime made sense to him and he decided that when he moved to New York City in 2005, he would take it with him. ‘I been in and out of NYC since 2003 cos of family reasons, but I was getting sick of England as life was getting too hard, I managed to get into a good music school in NY and I just been on the grind ever since’. Now based in Queens, New York, T-Nato went in search of other artists to bring Grime to the US. Armed with an experimental self produced EP, T-Nato linked up with B-Breakz to Form OGK. Nato’s influences range from everything, from Miles Davis to Capelton, but what moves him the most is Artists such as JME, Wiley, Jammer, and mostly everyone who's any good in the UKG scene.

B-Breakz has always known music to be his life from the very beginning. From his first Hip-Hop purchase of LL Cool J’s “Radio”, to following a friend’s advice and picking up the infamous Bad Brains-ROIR. The interweaving sound of Hip-Hop and Punk Rock has followed him ever since. Deciding to get involved with the puck-rock scene He found himself playing bass in a variety of bands between VA and D.C. While in D.C. he was introduced to the sounds of DrumnBass. DnB combined both the heavy beats of Hip-Hop with the raw power of Punk Rock & Hardcore. DnB inspired him to venture into production, with a new approach to making music.

Now Living in Brooklyn, NY, the music scenes left B-Breakz looking for more, something that would be the next step, then in 2004 B-Breakz heard Grime music for the first time and it was a logical progression. With Grime finding its way into the U.S.; tracks by Dizzie Rascal, Kano, Durrty Goodz, and JME on DJ Cameo’s radio show, pushed the boundaries of the sound. DnB having such a strong influence on the genre, B-Breakz was inevitably drawn to it. MC’s flowing over the staggered beats, and basslines, brings everything full circle. Fast forward to 2005… Deciding to seek out those who shared his love of Grime, a chance meeting strikes a friendship between T-Nato and B-Breakz and they form OGK.

2006 is setting itself up to be a busy year for Organized Grime Kartel. Both T-Nato and B-Breaks are focused on bringing Grime to a wider audience in the States… Stay tuned….

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